Friday, November 2, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Imperial attack on Haven

By FNF Staff


Forces of the Imperial Grand Army have taken several sectors of Haven/Vohu in a surprise attack early this morning. Light artillery, aircraft, and personnel carriers came through the Gate at 5:00 AM local time, leaving a path of devastation in their wake.

As you may know, Haven is no stranger to conflict. Recent events have placed record numbers of displaced Tribe communities and even Fringer refugees on Haven. They do not seem to be taking this lying down. Fighting has been sporadic but brutal as the invading Imperial forces have cut a path to Adamus, a sector traditionally home to Nasu aid workers.

At this time, no one can claim control of the Gate. The area around the Gate Platform is a warzone, making travel possible but extremely dangerous.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Latest from all sources

By FNF Staff


VOHU: Haven has become more stable, with talks beginning on how to form a government. Negotiations are being held to determine how a constitution can be drawn up, so that the humans and tribes on Haven can have a central government. The major former fringe and imperial factions seem to be getting on board, but the tribes seem to be waiting for something. They have insisted that a war crimes commission be formed before they will enter into any major negotiations.

KERET: There are reports that many Aeshma are leaving Keret. They are commissioning every web guide they can. Where they are going is still a closely kept secret. There are reports that any convoys going near Keret are being detained. Witnesses say that the Aeshma are taking any foodstuffs, farming tools, and industrial supplies they come across. Luxury goods and non essentials are being allowed to pass. Notes to the bank on Keret are being issued, but there is no confirmation that the bank has honored any requests for compensation.

ASHA: Webguides report that no connections with Asha remain in the webways. A new Leng has been appointed, and many Dahhak have been emigrating to Vohu. Some have gone to Eclipse, and many of their warriors have joined the Free Peoples Defense Force.

VAIRYA: There has been no word from Vairya in the last few days. Reports are chaotic at best. It is known that there is still a war going on in the webways, but there have been no official statements. It seems that Vairya has been cut off from the rest of the Galaxy.

LETHE: The Yazata have issued a statement. "We have come to realize that the great Doom of our time is upon us. A Doom that has returned, which we thought was long past. All Yazata, be they vine, spore, or weed, agree that all sentient beings must unite. Or we will surely perish. The thinking machines have returned, as the Dreamers were trying to warn us. Through the vision of the Hydra, we have been shown our path. We support the Free Peoples Defense Force, and urge all to do as we have. Before it is too late. It may already be too late."

NEITH: The Nasu report that the situation is grim. The thinking machines have turned towards Vairya, to eliminate the Kshathrans, before turning to eliminate the rest of the Tribes. They urge that all support be given to the Free Peoples Defense Force, and their Imperial allies.

TRITA: Connections can still be made to Trita. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story. Reports confirm that Trita was occupied by the enemy.


TARANIS: By all accounts, the army of the fringe are holding their own. No successful incursions have been reported into Taranis space. New technology has been used to great effect during this new war with the thinking machines. The government admits that there have been some setbacks, but their top men are working on new solutions day and night. Taranis intelligence services report that they have been receiving excellent information from their sources, which leaves them prepared to defend the fringe against this terrifying enemy.

NARAKA: Naraka itself has been captured by the thinking machines. Due to the foresight of Nadia Solarii, the vast majority of it's citizens had already left the planet with the bulk of their industrial supplies. Communities that call themselves 'Narakans in exile' have been set up on other fringe worlds, Haven, and Eclipse. Even now, they are dedicating themselves to the war effort. President Solarii issued a brief statement. "I urge everyone, human and Tribes, to support the Free Peoples Defense Force. If you can build or grow, then send supplies to them. If you have influence with your people, then trumpet their cause to the media. If you can fight, then join with them to prevent our annihilation." Recruitment centers for the FPDF have opened up at all Naraka refugee camps, and many locals are traveling to them to sign up.

VRITRA: The area near Vritra is reported to be more dangerous by the day. We are sad to report that one of our most intrepid reporters has disappeared in the ways near Vritra, along with her entire party. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Rittan Ness, of Vaitarani. She devoted her life to bringing the facts to the people. She broke stories of violence on Haven, and was embedded with the Army of the Fringe during the early fighting there. She, her crew, and those who traveled with them will be remembered as champions of the Truth. Tane bless them, and may Nornir guide their way.

VAJRA: Vajra space has been remarkably peaceful, with the fighting that is going on in the nearby webways. Refugees are flocking to Vajra, seeking a safe place in these troubled times. Reports are that refugees are quickly filling the undersea city, and the flood of cheap labor is helping Kagome to finish construction on additional cities. Reporters have not been allowed access to the new city, but a number of refugees have returned to the surface to sing it's praises. Clean, well built, a new home with none of the oppressiveness they might have feared. Where the artisans do not fear censorship. Where scientists and learned men do not fear repression. Where anyone can be great, if they are willing to work for it.

ERLIK: Connections can still be made to Erlik. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story. Erlik is reported to have fallen to the thinking machines.

VAITARANI: New planetary executive Odg Slitney has changed course on the escalating galactic war. "I have received new information on the threat posed by the thinking machines. We cannot stand aside, while letting others determine the course of galactic history. Our lives, indeed the future of man's freedom in the galaxy is threatened. The truth has been uncovered, and the facts laid bare. We must set aside improvements in social welfare and good works, to ensure that we have a future. The industry of Vaitarani stands with the Free People's Defense Force. We are switching our economy to a war footing, and recruitment centers have already started opening across the planet. I must insist that the new information must remain secret, as it's revelation would threaten the war effort." Reports are that his wife has shown some surprise at this change of course, but supports him, trusting in his renowned business acumen to see Vaitarani through these troubled times.

GYMIR: Contact has been lost with those few souls brave enough to still be living on Gymir. Our prayers go with them in these troubled times.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

***Breaking News: Stabbington Escapes Avalon Custody***

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

Samatha Stabbington escapes while in Avalon's custody.

Pulpiteer heard to opine, “Well shit”.
It seems that the story of the Black Widow of Middian just won’t stop unfolding. The FNF has found out that Samantha Stabbington is the source behind the tip that lead to her own arrest. From inside accounts, it seems that Samantha Stabbington wanted to be arrested in order to perpetrate a grand theft. Avalon, known protectors and law enforcement for hire, has long been rumored to have a large storeroom in one of their holding facilities that contains all of the contraband and materials seized as evidence. This includes not only a large supply of stims, drugs, weapons, but archeotech and experimental research that was deemed too dangerous to be released back to the public or even private corporations and governments.

The heist occurred in the early hours of 05.09.162, when Avalon represented noticed that one of their premiere web guides, Dante Jones, was missing from his living quarters during a routine bunk inspection. Jones was said to have told his co-workers that he had a hot date lined up for the evening. One Avalon representative who wished to remain anonymous said, “Jones told me he was going to get him a sweet taste of space honey tonight. I seen him hangin’ around that Samantha girl, so I figured she was good to go”. Both Jones and Stabbington are missing, along with a vast, yet undisclosed sum in goods from the Avalon storehouse.

A careful investigation of Stabbington’s whereabouts over the past year have put her in close proximity to a theft at a Nog’s Grog facility, where several valuable grog vintages were stolen, a hushed up disappearance of a nanite-composite Smart Hound (tm) from the Cerberus Consortium, and the disappearance of a ceremonial pair of oversized gold-plated carbotanium scissors used as ribbon cutters by the Sellic Mining Corporation. When raiding a storage unit on Taranis believed to belong to Ms. Stabbington, Avalon, Ltd. found a supply of tight fitting black clothing, glass cutting tools, a state-of-the-art ICE breaker, and a prototype SCD that isn’t yet available to the public.

At a press conference on 06.09.162, Justice Jericho issued the following statement, “We now believe the Samatha Stabbington, alias Geraldine Garroteer, alias Caroline Cutterberg, alias Darcy Drownsmith, is actually the criminal known as the Sable Seductress. We believe she was posing as the Black Widow of Middian in order to be taken to our maximum security holding facility, instead of directly to a center of permanent incarceration. Be warned, this means that not only is the Sable Seductress on the loose, but the Black Widow of Middian is still at large. We are once again looking at our old suspects”.

The individual believed to be the Black Widow of Middian, once briefly believed to be the Sable Seductress herself, could not be reached for comment on this statement.

FNF wishes to encourage everyone to remain safe and secure during these troubled times.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grist Town: Your gate. Your town. Your tawdry details.

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

War Front: Gymir

As war grips the galaxy and loss tears at us all, one would never think to look to the battered world of Gymir for hope. Looking at the air, ash mixing with snow, blanketing the world in grey, with only the red accents of blood and flame to break the monotony, it would seem that this first impression is the correct one. The joint forces of Rama’s Red Fist and the Army of the Covenant are taking heavy losses, and even though this union between the Fringe and the Empire is inspiring it itself, reports have had the forces taking heavy losses and struggling to hold on. The greatest industrial might of the Fringe, the Red Fist machines, have proven themselves ineffective against the Great Warbots. That is, until a few days ago. Reports are confused on the matter, but it appears as if a large number of Red Fist machines were reported as missing and unable to be located just after a new shipment arrived on Gymir. Sabotage was suspected, and there were those who even implicated the Army of the Covenant, raising tensions even higher. This changed when but two days ago, the stolen Red Fist machines were believed to be moving towards the front.
The Red Fist machines looked changed, slightly bigger somehow, and were covered in strange paint so that they were no longer Red, but were an almost tribal looking assortment of white, greys and browns. The larger warbots once again strode forward, looking to render the Red Fist machines useless. The Red Fist machines strode on, wading into the fray, ignoring the warbots. The gathered forces cheered, and then gasped as a warbot punched entirely through a Red Fist machine that was battling two other robots. The robot’s arm was covered in fur and blood. The other Red Fist machines then gave tremendous bellows of pain and grief, and all those gathered then knew the truth. The Red Fist machines were no longer machines. They were being worn as battle armor by the mighty Yetis of Gymir, who had risen up to protect their ancient home.
The Yetis, aided by unknown scientists and technicians, have altered the Red Fist machines to fit their unique physiology. Conical electronode amplification modules have been retrofitted into the helmets of the suits, allowing for the already devastating War Shouts of the Yetis to be shaped into concentrated beams of hypersonic destruction. Reports say that the frequency emitted is enough to disorient the smaller war bots, allowing the Yetis to maul them while their defenses are preoccupied. The claws of the Yeti, prized by poachers for their value to technology firms due to the ultraconductivity of the Yeti’s cryokeratin, have been infused with the dense carbotanium plated fibers used in the suits, allowing for massive jolt of energy to come sizzling out of their claws. This, combined with the Yeti’s natural skill to puncture even the thickest armor plating and their already incredible strength, makes the Mecha-Yetis a force to be reckoned with.
King Rama has been unavailable for comment on the matter, but many of King Rama’s forces have been heard to be training with the Yetis. Talks of mounting saddles or chairs to the back of the Mecha-Yetis and outfitting them with shoulder mounted machine guns has been bandied back and forth, according to inside sources. Time will tell if this turns the tide in the battle for Gymir, but one thing is for certain. The battle isn’t over Yeti.

Grassroot Campaign Changing the Season of Yazatas Politics

A paid advertisement by Pollinate the Vote, a Leithe Political Action Committee

Now more than ever, the soil of the change is fertile and ready to be sown. It’s time to germinate the Council of Elders with a new voice. When thinking about who to vote for in this election cycle, we invite you to remember that much like in the bedroom, three ladies are better than one. With killer bodies and killer intellects, the Triumvirate of Technological Triumphs are the choice for our Troubled Times. These ladies have been on the frontlines as the vines of the Enemy slowly spread, seeding terror and reaping the fruit of discord. The Triumvirate are no mere wallflowers. They simply blossom under pressure.
Dr. Frostberry is not only a skilled psion, respected medical physician and a galactic-class researcher,  but she’s also one of the most trusted of all the people of Gate Town, on the planet of Eclipse, when it comes to genetics, investigation of death and protection against virulent planet killing diseases. With a honk frog in one gloved hand and a blaster in the other, Dr. Frostberry fights illness in all of its myriad forms. As the Yazatas say, “The sweetest berry is the berry picked from the vine of knowledge”. Then again fellas, remember that old saying about doctors. They are used to seeing a lot of little pricks. With Dr. Frostberry, there is no need to put out feelers for the right choice. Drink the wine of change, vote Frostberry!
If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Frostberry is accompanied by the luscious lily of learning, Larkspur. A self-made woman, Larkspur is one of the foremost experts in the field of energy and energy research and development on a planet where the tree of genius has taken root. She leafs all the other competition behind her, embarking into fields where only the bravest scientists dare plant their ideas, hoping they bloom into discoveries and breakthroughs. Larkspur is an orchard of innovation, with apples of inspiration, invention and utility falling off of her branches. There is no problem too complex for the brilliance of Larkspur. She’s choloroFILLED with good ideas! Spring into action and support Larkspur and the Triumvirate.
Last but certainly not least is the spiciest of all the Triumvirate, no other than the skilled healer and medical worker known as Rosemary. Some would say that by any other name she would smell as well, but no one would ever forget the skill and care that Rosemary exhibits. While she might appear delicate, her enemies would be smart to watch out for her thorns! She is no defenseless flower. She can survive in the harshest environments and she’s no stranger to having a good time. She’s a woman of the people and keeps the Triumvirate rooted in the needs of Leithe. With Rosemary, there is no need to put out feelers for the right choice. As you can see, she is firm believer in recycling, too. Spring into action and vote Rosemary in this summer of change! Don’t let it fall by the wayside and have to winter more of the same!
This election, vote the choice that makes sense. Vote Frostberry, Larkspur and Rosemary!
It’s time to reap the fruit of change!
Gossip Scraps
  • Real estate scam exposed! Wild Card reports that Middian is filled with lovely ladies in skimpy bikinis, fruity drinks and the finest in grog sponsored beach entertainment. What sort of legal mastermind could be profiting from such a scam? Well, it’s not like Middian is exactly filled with criminal lawyers, emphasis on the criminal...
  • In an unrelated note, the FNF is looking for the address of one Seeker to deliver a stack of unmarked bills.
  • Ernesto’s Emotional Emporium, a subsidiary of Mood Make-Up, a holding of LaSandra’s Life Choices LLC., a child of SpaceCorp, has shot up in after hours trading as a run on black waterproof mascara and eyeliner has been seen on Middian. Ernesto is reported as saying that he assured the buyer, who emptied his supplies, that the make-up would not interact poorly with cybernetics, and that yes, it would fit in any number of the buyer’s pouches and bags quite comfortably.
  • The Agent of the Tulku was seen leaving Iron Town with an actual member of the Tulku Council. Well, we suppose that answers that question.
  • The Fringe News Feed would to issue an apology to the person formerly known as the Black Widow of Middian. It turns out one Samantha Stabbington, formerly of Taranis, was arrested under multiple murder charges by Avalon in the small colony of Morgan’s Landing on the planet of Middian. A neighbor said, “we should have known something was awry when we found out that Samantha changed her name”. When asked what alias she was under the neighbor responded “Oh no, she changed it TO Stabbington. I guess that should have been a clue in hindsight”.
  • The person formerly referred to as the Black Widow of Middian has instead been revealed as the Sable Seductress, who is able to wield her considerable talents to been the will of even the most stalwart soul. She is believed to be responsible for eight intergalatic bank robberies on various planets around the galaxy, including three on the same day in the most lucrative crime spree in recent memory. We here at the FNF would have surely have recognized this sooner had we not fallen under her considerable sphere of influence and had our minds mesmerized, as is her wont. The Sable Seductress is known for becoming friendly with various web guides months before a planned heist, in order to have several getaway routes secured off node. Coincidence? We leave that up to you!
  • If you have seen the whereabouts of the memories of Lotus and Coffin Stuffer, please return them at once. They have offered a very large reward for their return, but they have forgotten about this. We can assure it, it’s a big one!
  • The Mistress of Fire earned her name once again as she was overheard delivering some wicked burns to an unknown bedridden figure. Even as she stood guard for this person to recover, her fiery tongue was delivering scorching rejoinders.
  • It seems that X’s man, Rock Falconson, really lights up her life.
  • Snickersnac was seen arguing and growing agitated several times during the trip to Iron Town. Are the claws about to come out? I’d watch out, she means business.
  • Lyre was seen stabbing things in the foot quite often this past weekend. When asked about her new technique she replied “Sometimes I forget what I’m doing by the time the spear finishes swinging and start reading a book. I finish more novels in combat, you wouldn’t believe...”
  • Displays-His-Abs wore no shirt all weekend. More on this story as it develops.
  • The people of Gate Town have begun the domestication of the deadly Narakan Acid Wasp. Smuggled off planet before the robots arrived, the people of Gate Town have taken to sharing their houses with them and training them as best as they can. They have not yet perfected the training, but soon enough foes of Gate Town will be screaming, “Oh Hel NAW!”
  • Kills-With-Her-Mind now wants to take your blood into herself. I’d warn against this but I don’t think I’d be able to finish delivering the wa-
  • Kills-With-Her-Mind is one of the loveliest people in Gate Town and everyone should give her presents.
  • Pulpiteer was seen reminding everyone that in this time of war, Confession helps ease the mind and body.
  • The Gate Town Summer Concert Series is in full swing. Singing may now be heard constantly and without cessation. Free of charge!
  • In a strange move, the people have declared hunting season to be Open for ravens.
  • Dr. Firm is rumored to be once again seeking out the comfort of a certain silicate playmate. Is love once again in the air? We’ve seen Dr. Firm, the answer is yes.
  • Silver Alloy has stablized Insane Ideas, LLC. in recent days, restoring some confidence in the enterprise.
  • Tibia was seen with a frown on his face for most of the past weekend. What’s up with that boy?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Latest from all sources

By FNF Staff


The Empress, and House Cormac on Akeir, still control the Grand Army of the Imperium. The war with the Emperor of House Vinro on Ottar seems to be over, all troops have been pulled back to Ottar for unspecified reasons. Combat continues with the Grand Army of the Imperium and Duke Huron on Taiowa, who leads House Weilok on Spentha, and House Fi'Grim on Kala. House Eioph on Tokpela, and House Kree on Atira, remain neutral, and call for unity.

AKEIR: A statement has been issued from Akeir speaker Delana Cormac. "Our glorious army continues to gain ground on the Huron Heresy. New advances have broken the stalemate near Kala. Soon, the heretics will taste our righteous fury, and we can calm this galactic storm. Glory to the Empress, and Honor to the Faithful. So sayeth Grand Regent Liam Cormac Al'Eld."


MIDDIAN: The survivors of Asha have been gathering on Vohu and Middian. Recently a pilgrimage to the Warp was undertaken by the Enlightened and they emerged with a new Leng, as is traditional in the Dahhak-Sundrav religion. The Leng has departed for Vohu to unite and give guidance to the remaining Dahhak, whose numbers are estimated to be near 3 million, a drastic drop from their previous numbers of 3 billion on Asha and throughout the galaxy.

VOHU: The ceasefire on Vohu seems to be holding. Observers report that relations and trade are normalizing. There is still a tension in the air, as if something is still unresolved. Once the situation is confirmed to be more stable, more reporters will feel safe enough to begin reporting again from Haven. It is reputed that the Leng himself has just arrived on Vohu.

KERET: There are reports that the Aeshma are exploring nodes beyond Trita. Their space is heavily patrolled, and reporters are being actively harassed.

ASHA: Webguides report that no connections with Asha remain in the webways.

VAIRYA: Kshathrans and Nasu are engaged in the Ways against Thinking Machines. All travel to Vairya unrelated to the conflict in the immeidate area has been shut down by armed patrol. It is reputed that they have been joined by Dahhak forces, although there is a great deal of strain between the Kshathrans and Dahhak forces who are primarily serving as psionic back up forces behind the Kshathrans front walls.

LETHE: Political upheaval on Lethe. The Enlightened Dreamers have reportedly issued a statement. "The ancient enemies of all life have returned. The Robots, under the leader of their King XII, are even now attempting to destroy all that is green and good in the galaxy. We must stand together, and stand with the other races, to confront our Nemesis. We urge our young leaders to join with the Free Peoples Defense Force, and their human allies." Mixed reactions among the political parties, as the Great Elders have splintered along Clan lines. The Vines support the statement entirely, but the Weeds and Spores are refusing to agree with the Vines.

NEITH: The Nasu are issuing public statements in support of the Free Peoples Defense Force. "A great devastation spreads across the galaxy. A blight on the surface of the great ocean of life. We urge others to join the Free Peoples Defense Force, as we have. To work together to cleanse these wounds which threaten to become infected, and to Doom us all." Nasu are reported... (sic.)

TRITA: Connections can still be made to Trita. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story.


TARANIS: Rama goes to war. Declaring himself the "defender of the Fringe", Rama has launched counter-attacks against the force that seems to have invaded Erlik, and is threatening Naraka. His army of the fringe, proudly displaying the banner of the red fist, marches into the webways. Rumors of mass conscription are being suppressed, but this reporter has heard it from too many people to discount it. Men and women between 16 and 50 are definitely being rounded up in great numbers. This reporter went into a village and found only children and elders. I started asking questions, but no one was willing to make statement.

NARAKA: Connections can still be made to Naraka. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story. Most of the population of Naraka has been relocated throughout the galaxy. They all report that they have fled a Robot invasion. Chair of the Board of Naraka, Nadia Solarii, is reported to be organizing many of the refugees of Naraka. It is said that she has a great plan, and is awaiting the proper time to make it known. Most of the refugees have remained organized, and the worlds that they now inhabit report being pleased with their organization and industry.

VRITRA: There have been reports of fighting near the Vritra gate, in the web ways. Some say marauders, some say robots. All that can be known for certain is that web travel in the area has become very dangerous. Numerous convoys have gone missing recently. Perhaps two thirds of those traveling through Vritra space are arriving safely. Those that travel safely do not report anything unusual, except for an upsurge in the numbers of chills reported seen. Attacks by chills have gone up 300% since the same time a year ago.

VAJRA: Communications with Vajra have still not been fully restored. The Kagome corporation has blamed sabotage, originating on Taranis. They have stopped short of putting any blame on Rama's government, but they have not stated who on Taranis would be capable of such a feat. Vajra has announced through other channels that they are a safe haven in these times of conflict. The first underwater city has been completed ahead of schedule. Construction had begun well before the official announcement, and refugees with trades are welcome.

ERLIK: Connections can still be made to Erlik. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story.

VAITARANI: New leadership on Vaitarani. Noted exective Odg Slitney has united the squabbling factions on Vaitarani. The latest board meeting resulted in planetary stock markets going up by almost 300 points. Mr. Slitney has a rather sketchy background, but his recent works have been legitimate, and have benefited many in the fringe. Vaitarani looks to have a more stable future. Mr. Slitney has promised a program of good works, and a broad-based improvement in jobs and social welfare. In his words, "All this running around the galaxy will not make a stronger Vaitarani. Only the solid investment of profitable investment will bring Vaitarani into the modern age. This wave of war will not affect us, and it's time that people enjoyed some stability." It is rumored that his wife, heir to a powerful family, is the real secret to his success. Now Vaitarani is his to rebuild, or allow to lapse into anarchy. Time will tell.


OGUN:Tulkus Giam Noala and Cian Mae have announced they will be visiting Eclipse to check up in person on the research station founded near Gate Town to study the unique Way system surrounding the planet. Sizable advances in Web Way Theory and theoretical travel have been made recently on planet, mostly due to the innovative research of Bhu'Tan Tenjin of Ushas.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Latest from all sources

By FNF Staff


The Empress, and House Cormac on Akeir, still control the Grand Army of the Imperium. They are at war with the Emperor, with House Vinro on Ottar and House Svarog on Tokpa. They are both at war with Duke Huron on Taiowa, who leads House Weilok on Spentha, and House Fi'Grim on Kala. House Eioph on Tokpela, and House Kree on Atira, remain neutral, and call for unity. House Juntach on Jord remains weakened from the purges by the Army of the Scourge, and is currently undeclared.


VOHU: A suicide bombing in a Haven neighborhood killed fourteen people this weekend, further unraveling the already tenuous ceasefire. All 23 separate factions had agreed to stand down, and the latest bombing threatens to shatter the peace. Fringe factions seem to be the most interested right now, and the Imperial factions are lessening their demands. The Tribes factions seem the most likely to break the peace.

KERET: Non-Aeshma that are not slaves are being deported from Keret. Amid increasing signs of mobilization, the Aeshma are becoming more insular than ever. Aeshma diplomatic missions to other planets are being reduced to the minimum 3. The Aehsma have been contracting webguides as fast as they can. Many of the Dahhak who remain have taken contracts with the Aeshma, their longstanding allies. The Aeshma have made no public declarations of intent, and a number of nearby governments are getting anxious.

ASHA: Webguides report that no connections with Asha remain in the webways.

VAIRYA: The Kshathrans continue arming as well. Reports indicate their outposts are being fortified, and gate defenses on several of their main worlds are being signicantly enlarged. No statement has been made on the exact nature of their defensive improvements, but the Kshathrans don't do anything small.

LETHE: Sad news today, at the death of the Grand Master of the Ancient and Honorable Society of the Pointed Hat, Dr. Coscinium Surny. A well respected scientist, Dr. Surny was on an expedition to fringe space with noted industrialist Kent Morb. Few details on the ill-fated expedition, but authorities report that there is no sign of foul play. Aide to the minister Lesarr stated today, "It was a sad day for everyone involved. Dr. Surny chose his path his whole life, and it is with great sadness we report his death on the path of science. New Promise Technology was unavailable for statements on the death of Mr. Morb. Survived by his wife and three daughters on Haven.

NEITH: Many nasu are choosing to go on religious pilgrimage these days. Entire monasteries are emptying as they travel to locations in the Fringe and Imperium. Naraka and Jord are rumored to be favorite locations, although I still don't understand why they're going. Can you tell me? In other news, a Nasu ambassador was reported to be traveling to Middian to sign some treaty, I don't know much about this defense force, but I bet it'll be one hell of a party.

TRITA: Connections can still be made to Trita. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story.

MIDDIAN: The surviving Enlightened have been called to Middian to take the Walk of the Leng. An accounting of the surviving Dahhak is still uncertain, but numbers on Vohu indicate there are at least 2 million on planet or in nearby stations. Dahhak questioned indicate that likely no statement will be made until a new Leng is chosen or the old one reveals himself.


TARANIS: The Szgany war trains were on display in freedom square, near the gate. Thousands of soliders in uniform paraded down the avenue. Armored Wasps danced in well choregraphed displays of aerial prowess. Artillery and mortars were on display. Rama seems to be investing in a lot of mechanized armor these days. A lot of it seems to be Imperial built, but modified. A display of the strength and discipline of the "Army of the Fringe".

NARAKA: Naraka is under planetary evacuation. Some say the Robots are coming. Some say the rumored MegaVolcano is getting ready to erupt. A few say that it's all the work of space aliens, but everyone else laughs at them.

VRITRA: Life returns to normal on Vritra. The residents of this desolate place spend all their time trying to squeeze a living from this barren planet. Exports continue to expand, as webway disruptions make supplies of rare minerals even more important. Increasingly, Vritra is relying on Tribes worlds for needed equipment. Supplier Commgor Don has recently released long stored supplies of industrial equipment and fine tools.

VAJRA: Communications have gone out on Vajra. Apparently, it is some kind of technical glitch. Parties are still arriving on Vajra, although fewer people seem to be leaving Vajra every month. Maybe they know something we don't, and it's some kind of safe haven from the things that are happening.

ERLIK: Contact was lost with Erlik four days ago. There were a few confused transmissions, but they are still having trouble deciphering them. Many sound like burst of hissing static. There are a thousand stories of what is happening on Erlik. None are very credible.

VAITARANI: The economy of Vaitarani continues to decline. Stories are being reported of vast over-investment in new machinery. Vaitarani corporations are now receiving an average DD credit rating. Tribes investors are getting nervous, and a run on the remaining tangible currency on Vaitarani seems inevitable.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


(Originally posted 3/5/2012)

The contents of the FNF Investigative Report published today about the activites of Xaphran Israphel (with the exception of the recent findings on terrorist ties) were sent to the Rama government last fall with the explanation that, as a courtesy, we would refrain from publishing until Rama had a chance to review the findings and make an official statement or decision. Rama’s “Law and Order” policies suggest that this sort of thing should not be tolerated in the new Taranis, and with so much evidence, something might be done to protect witnesses and arrest those responsible.

Maybe the information did not make it to your hands.
Maybe you need to launch an investigation of your own.
Maybe you are waiting for the right moment

The Fringe Newsfeed would be delighted to publish an official statement.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry


Life on the Fringe can be rough, especially during these tumultuous times. That is why you should always be prepared with quality gear from the Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry! Whether it's hunting, sportsmanship, home defense, or even a "Casual Weapon" Friday at work, Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry has the finest weapons and accessories available on the Fringe! Our catalogue includes sporting weapons, militia-quality arms, a wide variety of hunt worthy guns, and all the accessories YOU CRAVE for your pursuits! We are on the cutting edge of Fringe weapon designs, as well as a number of models inspired by our Imperial counterparts, all in a wide variety of bright colors, BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!

Why Are Our Weapons So Good? Because YOU, the CONSUMER deserve only the finest arms and armaments available! That is why we are proud to introduce our latest models using our patented UHR (Universal HEL Round)(TM) Ammunition System! This system, FRESH FROM OUR WORKSHOP TO YOUR HANDS, allows any style of HEL round produced today to work with your weapon, regardless of purpose: Tracer, Imperial StreamLine, and Tagger calibers all load and fire smoothly! Never worry about finding the "right" ammunition again!

Universal HEL Round(TM) System Models

Introducing our new TOP OF THE LINE: The RAC-20 "HiveShot". Incorporating the latest in Auto Charging technology, this rifle can unload up to 20 rounds in as many seconds with just one pull of the trigger. No manual cocking necessary, thanks to the AutoCharge(TM) capacitor, and with the UHR (TM) system, reloading is a snap! Best suited for home defense or sporting uses, and devestating at short range. You'll be the envy of all your friends!

One of our finer models, the PMC-10 "Bulldog". Rugged, reliable, compact, and outfitted with our UHR(TM) system, this workhorse of a pistol packs a punch! Available in Blue, Black, Red, Neon Green, and Yellow!

For the Sporting Enthusist, we have the PMC-1 "DragonFly". A precision pistol, this model is perfect for target shooting and hunting small game. Reliable in the extreme, this single shot model fits into your hand like it was made for it, and so much power in such a small package! Available in Yellow, Blue, Black, Gunmetal, and White. Two Round carry clip standard. Optional Four Round carry clip available by request.

Other Models

Our Best Seller! The PMCC-6 "FullBore" pistol is our finest multi-purpose firearm. Utilizing the Imperial StreamLine round with clip system, this durable pistol is suited for any task you can think of with a compact design, six round capacity and good aesthetics. Available in Yellow, Orange, Black, and White. Accessories available include: LiteSight scope, detachable recoil-absorbing stock with clip storage, and matching silencer.

The Finest Hunting Rifle on the market today! The RMCC-6 "FarShot" rifle is everything a hunter could ask for, using the Imperial StreamLine round with clip system for flexibility, but with a style and elegence not found in other rifles in this category. Accesories available include: LiteSight scope, recoil-absorbing stock, and precision rifled barrel. Available in Blue, Yellow, Black, or with a Custom Finish.

From our "Antique Replicas" line comes the PMCR-6 "Six Shooter" revolver. Based on authentic antique Imperial schematics, the Six Shooter provides a quality shooting experience and a little piece of history, along with the Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry's legendary quality and packs a whallop! Balanced for precision and control, with hair trigger upgrade you'll feel like a Gunsel! Available in Blue, Yellow, Orange or with a Custom Finish.

Accessories and Customizations

Naraka Energy Rifle Foundy's skilled engineers are standing by, waiting to upgrade your purchase (or refit an existing weapon) with our LATEST technology! Need more precision? Add a hair trigger! Law enforcement professionals will be SURE to want STUN capability for their orders (discounts available for bulk purchases)! Recoil-Absorbing stocks will help the sportsperson maintain accuracy without sacrificing speed, and all manner of magazines and drums at prices so low you'll think we've gone crazy...


Remember, if it's not Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry, IT'S NOTHING!

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The views expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily reflect the views of the Fringe News Feed.

In fact, TalkFast would like it to be known, for the record, that "Calling the Maverick an Antique is bullsh*t. The Maverick is a damned fine gun!"

Monday, March 5, 2012


By TalkFast

In the streets of Taranis they know him, but speak only in whispers. Many refuse to use his real name, referring only to “Mister X.”

“X doesn’t like it when people talk about him.”
“Mr. X will find you”
“Explosions tend to happen, things tend to burn, when Mister X is unhappy.”

Mister X has a nasty reputation and prefers to work unseen, but the Fringe Newsfeed is ready to shine a light into his web of crime, and our readers will be the first to learn the TRUTH about Xaphran Israphil.


The name Xaphran Israphil first came to this reporter’s attention over a year ago, when investigating a case of corporate worker abuse. Rumors of mistreatment in a factory revealed an even more shocking tale: Anonymous sources tell of being transported, under false pretenses, to “some gods-forgotten rock of a factory world.” Some workers had been told they were being given jobs, others that this work would pay their debts, or some may have simply been kidnapped outright.

Once the workers were there, they were effectively imprisoned, with no means of transportation, harsh conditions, and their “pay” constantly overrun by a series absurd fees.
“Needless to say, things got added to the bill pretty fast - training fees, damaged equipment, food and board, etc - and our wages were so low we couldn't keep abreast of our debt, much less work it off.”

As if this were not enough, the factory masters, who controlled everything including the food exposed workers to addictive drugs, further assuring that they would not escape their enslavement.

This story was not unusual. Other cases of worker abduction, mistreatment, and worse have been reported, and no doubt many unfortunates are still enslaved. Those who provided source material for this article were the ones lucky enough to escape, but they will not reveal their names.


Xaphran Israphil was a small power in the old days of gang-rule on Taranis, but smart enough to see what was coming. When it started to look like Rama was on the rise, Israphil started making payment to him. As Israphil gained in power and wealth, he worked harder to keep his dealings secret, his name hidden. There are no known photos of him available.

Israphil was known mainly for arms dealing, but over the years dabbled in a variety of questionable schemes and was known as “a guy who could get things, Drugs, Guns, Slaves (human and tribes)”. There are also reports of Imperial connections and ties to Johnny Volt.

Time after time, sources reported that crossing Israphil is bad news. He goes after property and family members, and is suspected to be involved with several bombings on Taranis. One group of former “workers” who were rescued from a slave-labor factory were hunted down and told that they “owed” for the property damaged during the escape. The choice offered was to keep working for him or be murdered.

Israphil keeps his nose fairly clean on Taranis itself, and there are rumors that the stuff he does that Rama wouldn’t like is done off-world. Whether he is still closely tied to King Rama is not known.


Israphel has his fingers in a lot of pies. His name comes up in conversations about everything from Fringe black-markets to big-stakes corporate dealings. He is known to have strong ties to the Aeshma and Imperieal interests as well.

One source suggested that Gustav Svarog’s corporation, Averi, was “getting in bed with Mr X.” FNF readers will remember House Svarog’s ties to horrific brain experiments, as well as their role in the current civil war in the Empire. How Israphil plays in all of this remains to be seen.

A reliable anonymous source tells us that Israphil owns a piece of Naughty Nerys, the Haven based drink and drug manufacturer. Nerys nightclub was recently revealed to be tied to yet another slavery and drug scandal. Nerys exec Robert Pierce was arrested and subsequently escaped prison using forged documents.

A former employee of Nikolaevna Image Consultancy gave this reporter an exclusive “scoop” before going into hiding, claiming that Israphil and other conspirators had bought controlling shares in the company, perhaps hoping to gain some advantage by manipulating Imperial politics?

Another witness (anonymous of course) told a story of his own search for answers after he suffered an assault of psionic memory-wipe:
“...Whoever wiped my memory was a powerful psionicist, and all suspicions are that it was performed by somebody whose powers were "artificially boosted" (the word of the psionicists who tried to fix the damage not mine). My investigation led to a series of underground labs that were producing psionic boosting drugs with slave labor... Israphel's labs, on Taranis.”

Another of Israphil’s interests leads to the case of Dr David Lorani, whose Taranis-based Lab for Falltech Corp was destroyed in an explosion. Israphil’s agents have made no secret of their desire to find the missing scientist, and went so far as to bug his wife’s house and harass people who may know his whereabouts.


The most recent finding almost strains credulity, but this reporter was there when it happened. A deranged Yataza scientist, Doctor Surny, conceived a plot to unleash deadly bioagents on four planets, including Taranis. The forces of Gatetown, on Eclipse launched a mission that stopped the terrorists, and killed or arrested those responsible.

One of Surny’s allies, Kent Morb, carried a briefcase with documents linking the terrorists to a complex web of corporate and crime leaders. No doubt some of these businessmen and arms dealers did not know they were allied to a madman bent on genocide, but it will all come to light soon enough. Full details have not been released to the FNF for publication, but can our readers guess whose name was mentioned?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grist Town: Your gate. Your town. Your tawdry details.

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

Journalists on Patrol - Day in the Life of Avalon Ranger Pulpiteer
There are very few instances of pure, innocent joy in the life of a journalist. Of those precious few moments, having the opportunity to become an embedded reporter is only exceeded by hearing the phrase, “You no longer have to cover the Erlik’s Cutest Jungle Monster contest.” Yet that’s exactly what happened when I received notice that I was going to participate in an Avalon “walk along” with a true Avalon Ranger. The news was enough to penetrate even the deep haze of meds and stims required to keep the hallucinations caused by the venom of the Spined Horned Cat, second runner-up, at bay. How our Editor-in-Chief arranged this, we have no idea, but we speculate that it involved alcohol. To our delight and surprise, we were assigned to none other than Pulpiteer, the famed lawman of Middian. We arrived at Avalon headquarters bright and early on the day in question, long before the sun had even risen.

0600 - Arrive at Avalon’s Middian Headquarters, fresh coffee greets us. Best. Assignment. Ever.
0630 - No sign of Pulpiteer, J-Co attempts radio rousal to no satisfaction.
0704 - J-Co allows us to go with him to the barracks to check on Pulpiteer.
0712 - Maybe I shouldn’t have had that third cup of coffee.
0727 - J-Co informs us that Pulpiteer’s position as a holy man ensures him a private suite in the barracks. The cute lady Ranger giggles and tells us it’s called “Confession.”
0728 - Five different socks are hanging from the door handle; J-Co seems confused.
0729 - J-Co pops the door handle, revealing what can only be described as an abundance of exposed flesh and Grog.
0730 - Pulpiteer helps himself to a cigar while giving the Nogg’s Grog girls a sermon on Tane. Giggles seems starry eyed...I’m considered converting.
0800 - After waiting for Pulpiteer to shower and get ready, J-Co gives us the lowdown. A saboteur has infiltrated Nog’s Grog. The perpetrator is an expert at corporate espionage, codename: Candy Striper.
0958 - Pulpiteer has reviewed the case and informed FNF that Candy Striper is code for a “Booze Babe.”
1000 - Pulpiteer begins drawing pictures of what she might look like so “he’ll know who he’s up against.”
1030 - Drawing of her surfing through the web ways completed; there is something that might be a shark chasing her.
1044 - Drawing of the Candy Striper collecting church donations while wearing a bikini completed; sacks with credit symbols spotted in the drawing.
1104 - Drawing of the Candy Striper wrestling Pulpiteer in a vat of Nog’s Grog presented as a possible tactical plan to J-Co.
1105 - Pulpiteer handed ice by Giggles after being slapped.
1123 - We head to a club near the Nog’s Grog facility to see what shakes loose.
1131 - Several one credit bills shake loose; other things just shake.
1139 - Pulpiteer spends some time flashing some photos and seems to find someone willing to talk.
1144 - A Yazatas woman joins Pulpiteer at the table. and the man he first talked to leaves.
1147 - A large group of Aeshma come over to inquire as to why Pulpiteer is talking to the boss’s lady. The look on her face is one of fear. Pulpiteer takes offense.
1150 - The alley of the club might smell better than the inside, but that might be a result of the broken nose.
1151 - The woman rushes over to Pulpiteer and helps him to his feet, whispering fervently and sliding something into his pocket.
1200 - We have a nice lunch of nachos and a single pint of Grog.
1300 - We return to the case, looking up an elderly man named Tom Peterly.
1337 - Pulpiteer handles a group of dragon wolves with his side arm, shouting out a prayer we can’t quite print... He shows me a collar from one of the dragon wolves, claiming that he’s ruffled some feathers. The collar shows a gilded CH on it.
1422 - We arrive in a hovel just on the wrong side of Gate Town, where an old man smokes hand-rolled stinking cigarettes. He doesn’t look inclined to help us.
1427 - Tom and Pulpiteer glare at each other in silence, playing a game of Vajran Dominoes. Neither says a word.
1448 - The game ends, and I am not quite sure who the winner was. Pulpiteer shows the old man a crumpled picture he pulls out of his pocket. The old man’s lip trembles for a moment and begins to speak softly.
1515 - Pulpiteer makes us stop at the refugee camp nearby. The next three-quarters of an hour are filled with wisdom, booze, and discreetly taking care of minor injuries and diseases. I get this feeling this is a safety precaution on his part, but it’s speculation.
1600 - We head to a flop house on the edge of town, and find strange plants covering part of the wall. Everyone in the place seems as if they are on some high-grade Gymir Snow. We are directed to the owner, Paulie “Swank Creds” Stamos. Paulie is a Kshathran that used to be big in the sling race circuit and now fancies himself a real estate mogul, and usually has a cigar crammed in his ugly mug. A lot of these Stamos Estates residences are “creds by the hour” affairs, and this one certainly looks it.
1601 - Paulie is rubbing his paws together in a way that makes it clear he needs to be compensated for his time.
1602 - Pulpiteer tells Paulie he has a burning question for him.
1603 - The smell of burning circuits fills the room along with Paulie’s screams. The cigar is no longer in sight.
1604 - We head upstairs, carefully making our way over the spice heads in the stairwell. The smell of stale smoke, vomit and despair clings to my coat.
1605 - The room that we stand outside of has thick smoke pouring out from underneath the door, with an acrid smell that can only be Lethese Hang Stem, one of the most potent narcotics in the galaxy. Whoever is smoking it is sure to be a winner.
1606 - A confused moment follows where I am certain we have stumbled into a Nog’s Grog party, before I realize that all of the exposed flesh just reminds me of Confession.
1607 - The trio of Yazatas are obviously sisters, and are floating higher than a sling pod champion at the moment.
1608 - Pulpiteer shouts and shakes them sober. “Terrified awe” is probably the best way to describe the expression on the faces of the stem heads.
1626 - Pulpiteer spends a while talking to the young ladies, asking questions and throwing away all of their stash. He tells me that Avalon will be by later to pick them up and hold them until they dry out, where they will then learn the trade of justice.
1755 - We make our way to the remains of a Broken Sun brewery; Pulpiteer looks nervous.
1800 - Pulpiteer insists we stop and have a drink, in thanks to Tane.
1810 - We thank Tane some more.
1820 - We are very thankful for Tane
1830 - Wr aer sover ythaknfl for Taen
1900 - How weird are bats? They have really big ears! Their faces look like freaky smushed cat-squirrels.
1944 - Giggles is here for some reason. I think she wants to go to Confession.
1947 - Giggles attempts to bite Pulpiteer on the neck, and I can tell that he doesn’t like that and that it’s weird. I’m a journalist, we notice these things.
1950 - Pulpiteer assures me that the sharp teeth and foaming of the mouth are not, in fact, how Giggles gets down.
1953 - Giggles stumbles, slamming her head into a disused spout. She does not rise again.
2001 - More weird foaming mouth people show up. This makes me nervous, but Pulpiteer begins to loudly pray to Tane and opens up fire. He assures me that Tane values an accurate head shot. Who am I to argue with a man of the cloth?
2018 - Too many foamers, we have to retreat upstairs.
2032 - Hiding out in one of the disused offices as we catch our breath, Pulpiteer begins to look through the scattered paperwork, eventually sniffing a page and uttering a very intimate and unprintable tribute to Tane.
2159 - We make it to the roof after tangling with too many foamers. The desk, a nice Neith piece that would have fetched some major credits on the collectors market, was reduced to kindling as we tossed it into the remaining vats and set fire to the lot of stinking, and now highly flammable, rotgut.
2233 - Pulpiteer fends off the foamers as we make our way back to the club. I can tell Pulpiteer has it all figured out.
2234 - Pulpiteer spells it out for me. The Candy Striper is none other than Candice Hickory, a hot Yazatas and daughter of renowned scientist, Dr. Hickory. Candice, outraged at the accusations leveled against her father that nearly destroyed his career, sought to strike back at those that defamed him. Posing as a Booze Babe, an attractive person used as a salesperson, she managed to infiltrate Gail’s Ale and Nog’s Grog both. Working from the old Broken Sun brewery, she managed to cross-pollinate the zombie plant with hops, creating a deadly and delicious ale. Those who drink it turn into horrible zombies, controlled by Candice! He was led to this conclusion when he saw the name on the papers in the office, and smelled the paper...the same perfume was on it that he smelled on the woman at the club. She’d led us on a merry chase that continually ended in our almost being killed. The old man was a Candice’s old chemistry teacher - he never wanted her to come to harm. The woman at the club that sent us to him must have known that he would have told us that her relatives, all stem heads, lived close by. We would have no choice but to go there and follow up. The dragon wolves were to scare us away, but we kept at it. The girls, all on Candice’s payroll, told us about the brewery, and how the Candy Striper paid them to find it for her, and that’s all they knew. They will have undoubtedly escaped custody by now. She was hoping that the foamers would infect us, finish us off. She didn’t count on Pulpiteer and his special dispensation of justice. The only questions were, who was this girl, and where was Candice?
2302 - We are back at the club and you could tell that the woman is surprised to see us. Her face is whiter than a ghost wearing a wedding dress. Pulpiteer just says, “Hello, Janice.” She bolts for the door.
2303 - Pulpiteer sprints and grabs her before she can get away. Sobbing, she says over and over to get her away from her, that her sister would kill her for failing. Pulpiteer consoles her and gets the rest of the story. Janice is the twin of Candice, owner of the Serpent Hole lounge that we were in. Candice threatened to kill Janice if she didn’t help her; after all, weren’t they sisters? Didn’t they love their father? Candice got crazier and crazier, splitting her time between here and the Broken Sun brewery as she slowly began her work of gaining trust and infiltrating breweries. Pulpiteer is grim and makes me stay here with Janice as he heads back in.
2305 - I think that’s a chair that breaks the window. Aeshma One follows it.
2306 - Aeshma Two has a bad hair day, singed bald by something that’s left his chest on fire.
2307 - There was a fire fight.
2310 - Pulpiteer emerges, carrying a wounded but not dying Yazatas woman that can only be Candice. We head back to base to debrief J-Co.
2344 - Candice is arrested and held for trial. Nog’s Grog and Gail’s Ale begin cleaning out their stocks, each threatening to sue Candice for the lost profits.
2345 - J-Co asks Pulpiteer what do with Janice, who seems to be a stooge in all this. Janice smiles and asks to go to Confession for her part in all this. Pulpiteer, being a man of the cloth, obliges.
0000 - Best. Day. Ever.

If Avalon is reading this, please let us go with you again. Next time, we’ll take pictures...

An Intimate Interview with Naraka Councilwoman Nadia Solarii

Everyone has heard that age old axiom “Every end is a new beginning.” This is perhaps thrice true for Nadia Solarii. Instead of bemoaning her circumstances and focusing on what she had to give up when originally migrating to Naraka, she went on to lead the ultra successful Solarii Industries. Recently, Nadia was involved in a highly publicized battle for the position of Council CEO with Orpheon Industries. Thanks to influence and diligence from both her superstar daughter and her allies on Middian, Ms. Solarii pulled off a stunning election day coup and supplanted the long-standing Orpheon Industries candidate. This signaled not only the end of Ms. Solarii’s time as solely a businesswoman, but the end of the old government on Naraka. We were lucky enough to be fit into her extremely busy schedule during a recent jaunt to Middian.

FNF: Thanks for speaking with us today, Council CEO Solarii. We know your time is valuable and the FNF is renowned for its inability to scrounge up enough credits to afford to pay attention. We are working on a slush fund, but we are having a hard time getting it off of Gymir.

Solarii: *laughs* No problem. My daughter has informed me of your fair and balanced reporting, and I consider this an excellent opportunity to converse in a much less formal setting.

FNF: So, Councilwoman, can you tell us why you are on Middian today?

Solarii: I am here for the social event of the season, well, the month at least...on Middian. My daughter, a longtime supporter of matrimony and monogamous relationships, made certain that I was in attendance. Weddings are beautiful occasions, and we need more beautiful occasions in these troubled times, wouldn’t you agree?

FNF: As you say Councilwoman, we-

Solarii: In fact, we could use more of them, and my daughter agrees! It not only brightens spirits, but large events like this are excellent opportunities to stimulate myriad aspects of the economy. Tourism receives a major increase, as well as traditional luxury goods artisans. Every facet of the economy around the area of the event flourishes. Simply put, everything about them is good.

FNF: Interesting. Do you think that you will-

Solarii: You know my daughter, I am sure. She is an incredibly talented, beautiful and famous pit fighter. What you might not know is that she is officially accepting suitors! She’s told me all about her ideal man, and what better place than to share it than with the Fringe News Feed?

FNF: Well Councilwoman, we don’t normally-

Solarii: Excellent! I knew you’d agree wholeheartedly! As you are all undoubtedly aware from the Vids, my daughter is a divine creature with looks that could even make the most devout follower of Nidregg turn that spiral into a straight line, if you catch my drift. Not only that, but she’s a tough and independent creature that doesn’t need a man, but still deserves to be lucky in love. Did you know that I once caught her sneaking out of the house to make out with the son of a visiting Imperial noble? The look on that boy’s face when I told him I was going to tell his mother! As for my daughter, she turned redder than a lava lobster! She didn’t speak to me for a week! I think that’s when it started though, her secret love of men from the Imperium.

FNF: I am not sure that your daughter would want her-

Solarii: *laugh* Nonsense! She is just too shy to do this on her own! If you want to find your way into my daughter’s heart, here’s what you need to know. While she tried to hide it, she simply adores men with the classic Imperial look. The more midnight the black of your ankle length leather coat, the more commanding your authority, the tighter your buttons and pants, and the cleaner your cut, the more she will be romancing you in her mind. She wants her man to keep some mystery. If you want to catch her attention, you need to be willing not to share everything with her and keep her guessing. If you appear to be a puzzle she can’t solve, she won’t be able to put you out of her thoughts. Finally, it’s all about the voice for her. If you have a voice that might rattle a window pane, you will make her knees rattle. While this might seem like too much information, I feel that having the proper information is key to having success in finding a suitor that I can approve.

FNF: Ma’am, we don’t usually-

Solarii: Oh! I wouldn’t want to forget to give other necessary information to potential suitors. I found one of her diaries once where she discussed wanting three children. She’d like one daughter and a pair of well-behaved boys. If you have the means to possibly ensure this, I am positive it would win points. The diary also talks about when she was on a date and-

FNF: Looks like our time is up folks! The FNF would like to thank Council CEO Solarii for her time and insight into her busy life as a newly elected official. The FNF would like to remind certain parties that we should not be held responsible for the comments of our interviewees. In a non-related note, we would also like to thank Solarii Industries for their generous donations.

Gossip Scraps
  • Snickersnac might have a new father figure on the horizon. Empathic Cyborg Web Guide was seen cozying up to her mother during a recent Gate Town gathering. The question remains, will he ask her to call him daddy?
  • Pulpiteer officially confirmed that Widow Chic is no longer in fashion. In a fabulous faux pas, he was seen sporting a sparkly sport coat. Rumors seem to confirm that he caught no lady flies within his gussied up web. This proves once again that Imperial fashion changes faster than who is claiming to be the Emperor.
  • For the second gather in a row, a yeti was reported to be sighted near the Gate Town denizens. Have the gentle giants migrated here from Gymir, and if so, what do they know that we don’t?
  • In a scandal that shook the bedrock of Gate Town, it has been revealed that Jackson Howl is married! As a well-known scientist/fringe-core musician he was considered to be quite the catch and have a long string of meaningless encounters with groupies, as required by his label’s contract. Instead, his reappearance in the spotlight has him happily married. How long until the label drops his group?
  • The nuptials of the Sword-and-Wolf family went off without a hitch. By the accounts of the Raven family’s party planner, they received no less than three hundred doilies. Baron Sword-and-Wolf was heard to thank FNF for their gift recommendations. Congratulations Baron!
  • Someone has “planted their seed” with the Glow-Gun Gambler. Kills-With-Her-Mind is said to be “concerned”. Watch out, oglers!
  • Empathic Cyborg Web Guide and the Agent of the Tulku have been seen practicing a strange form of martial arts over the last few weeks. It involves recorded music and spinning upon the ground and using a combination of high energy and acrobatic moves. They are said to be competing over an unknown issue in a “breakdancing duel to the death” within the coming months. Butch Thompson and the STRIFE league are looking to obtain exclusive rights.
  • Stock in Insane Ideas, LLC. continues to plummet after CEO Silver Alloy’s latest venture of a blood based infrastructure was met with a chill reception.
  • We aren’t sure what Naughty Nerys is fully involved in, but it involved several fine specimens of Gate Town dressing up and practicing the art of seduction. Rumors of fake illicit corporations have sky rocketed in the following days.
  • Seeker is in the market for a big book, and throwing lessons. He is paying reasonable sums, but be sure to check that contract before you sign it.
  • Rumor has Doc Snail putting on her most festive jacket in order to garner some attention. With Sharkzor nowhere in sight, is she looking to put her healer’s hands on Displays-His-Abs?
  • With nuptuals in the air, it’s always a good opportunity to couple watch. A certain silicate playmate looked a little green around the gills and was smiling a little too widely to be entirely comfortable, while the Lotus and Coffin Stuffer seemed smug and cozy in their devoted union that need not be defined the words of man nor god.
  • When taking on a Shackler, gaudy things in ivory and gold, it is important to deploy the proper technique. For those looking for lessons, inquire with one Quiet Storm. He might not say much, but his slide kicks are the best this side of Dirty Doctors 5: Mud Medicine.
  • X, a certain saucy sprite, looked positively electric in a acid green and black dress. Knowing her uncanny affinity with machines, one has to wonder if the Box of Utmost Partyfication told his Maru friends about the outfit and that’s why they came to town. When it became clear they missed the dress, they couldn’t help but vent their frustration.
  • Talk Fast is in the market for some “confidential sources”. If you are a stoolie, rat, fink, squeeler, plant, informant or even a plain ol’ snitch, please inquire directly.