Friday, September 7, 2012


Latest from all sources

By FNF Staff


VOHU: Haven has become more stable, with talks beginning on how to form a government. Negotiations are being held to determine how a constitution can be drawn up, so that the humans and tribes on Haven can have a central government. The major former fringe and imperial factions seem to be getting on board, but the tribes seem to be waiting for something. They have insisted that a war crimes commission be formed before they will enter into any major negotiations.

KERET: There are reports that many Aeshma are leaving Keret. They are commissioning every web guide they can. Where they are going is still a closely kept secret. There are reports that any convoys going near Keret are being detained. Witnesses say that the Aeshma are taking any foodstuffs, farming tools, and industrial supplies they come across. Luxury goods and non essentials are being allowed to pass. Notes to the bank on Keret are being issued, but there is no confirmation that the bank has honored any requests for compensation.

ASHA: Webguides report that no connections with Asha remain in the webways. A new Leng has been appointed, and many Dahhak have been emigrating to Vohu. Some have gone to Eclipse, and many of their warriors have joined the Free Peoples Defense Force.

VAIRYA: There has been no word from Vairya in the last few days. Reports are chaotic at best. It is known that there is still a war going on in the webways, but there have been no official statements. It seems that Vairya has been cut off from the rest of the Galaxy.

LETHE: The Yazata have issued a statement. "We have come to realize that the great Doom of our time is upon us. A Doom that has returned, which we thought was long past. All Yazata, be they vine, spore, or weed, agree that all sentient beings must unite. Or we will surely perish. The thinking machines have returned, as the Dreamers were trying to warn us. Through the vision of the Hydra, we have been shown our path. We support the Free Peoples Defense Force, and urge all to do as we have. Before it is too late. It may already be too late."

NEITH: The Nasu report that the situation is grim. The thinking machines have turned towards Vairya, to eliminate the Kshathrans, before turning to eliminate the rest of the Tribes. They urge that all support be given to the Free Peoples Defense Force, and their Imperial allies.

TRITA: Connections can still be made to Trita. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story. Reports confirm that Trita was occupied by the enemy.


TARANIS: By all accounts, the army of the fringe are holding their own. No successful incursions have been reported into Taranis space. New technology has been used to great effect during this new war with the thinking machines. The government admits that there have been some setbacks, but their top men are working on new solutions day and night. Taranis intelligence services report that they have been receiving excellent information from their sources, which leaves them prepared to defend the fringe against this terrifying enemy.

NARAKA: Naraka itself has been captured by the thinking machines. Due to the foresight of Nadia Solarii, the vast majority of it's citizens had already left the planet with the bulk of their industrial supplies. Communities that call themselves 'Narakans in exile' have been set up on other fringe worlds, Haven, and Eclipse. Even now, they are dedicating themselves to the war effort. President Solarii issued a brief statement. "I urge everyone, human and Tribes, to support the Free Peoples Defense Force. If you can build or grow, then send supplies to them. If you have influence with your people, then trumpet their cause to the media. If you can fight, then join with them to prevent our annihilation." Recruitment centers for the FPDF have opened up at all Naraka refugee camps, and many locals are traveling to them to sign up.

VRITRA: The area near Vritra is reported to be more dangerous by the day. We are sad to report that one of our most intrepid reporters has disappeared in the ways near Vritra, along with her entire party. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Rittan Ness, of Vaitarani. She devoted her life to bringing the facts to the people. She broke stories of violence on Haven, and was embedded with the Army of the Fringe during the early fighting there. She, her crew, and those who traveled with them will be remembered as champions of the Truth. Tane bless them, and may Nornir guide their way.

VAJRA: Vajra space has been remarkably peaceful, with the fighting that is going on in the nearby webways. Refugees are flocking to Vajra, seeking a safe place in these troubled times. Reports are that refugees are quickly filling the undersea city, and the flood of cheap labor is helping Kagome to finish construction on additional cities. Reporters have not been allowed access to the new city, but a number of refugees have returned to the surface to sing it's praises. Clean, well built, a new home with none of the oppressiveness they might have feared. Where the artisans do not fear censorship. Where scientists and learned men do not fear repression. Where anyone can be great, if they are willing to work for it.

ERLIK: Connections can still be made to Erlik. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story. Erlik is reported to have fallen to the thinking machines.

VAITARANI: New planetary executive Odg Slitney has changed course on the escalating galactic war. "I have received new information on the threat posed by the thinking machines. We cannot stand aside, while letting others determine the course of galactic history. Our lives, indeed the future of man's freedom in the galaxy is threatened. The truth has been uncovered, and the facts laid bare. We must set aside improvements in social welfare and good works, to ensure that we have a future. The industry of Vaitarani stands with the Free People's Defense Force. We are switching our economy to a war footing, and recruitment centers have already started opening across the planet. I must insist that the new information must remain secret, as it's revelation would threaten the war effort." Reports are that his wife has shown some surprise at this change of course, but supports him, trusting in his renowned business acumen to see Vaitarani through these troubled times.

GYMIR: Contact has been lost with those few souls brave enough to still be living on Gymir. Our prayers go with them in these troubled times.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

***Breaking News: Stabbington Escapes Avalon Custody***

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

Samatha Stabbington escapes while in Avalon's custody.

Pulpiteer heard to opine, “Well shit”.
It seems that the story of the Black Widow of Middian just won’t stop unfolding. The FNF has found out that Samantha Stabbington is the source behind the tip that lead to her own arrest. From inside accounts, it seems that Samantha Stabbington wanted to be arrested in order to perpetrate a grand theft. Avalon, known protectors and law enforcement for hire, has long been rumored to have a large storeroom in one of their holding facilities that contains all of the contraband and materials seized as evidence. This includes not only a large supply of stims, drugs, weapons, but archeotech and experimental research that was deemed too dangerous to be released back to the public or even private corporations and governments.

The heist occurred in the early hours of 05.09.162, when Avalon represented noticed that one of their premiere web guides, Dante Jones, was missing from his living quarters during a routine bunk inspection. Jones was said to have told his co-workers that he had a hot date lined up for the evening. One Avalon representative who wished to remain anonymous said, “Jones told me he was going to get him a sweet taste of space honey tonight. I seen him hangin’ around that Samantha girl, so I figured she was good to go”. Both Jones and Stabbington are missing, along with a vast, yet undisclosed sum in goods from the Avalon storehouse.

A careful investigation of Stabbington’s whereabouts over the past year have put her in close proximity to a theft at a Nog’s Grog facility, where several valuable grog vintages were stolen, a hushed up disappearance of a nanite-composite Smart Hound (tm) from the Cerberus Consortium, and the disappearance of a ceremonial pair of oversized gold-plated carbotanium scissors used as ribbon cutters by the Sellic Mining Corporation. When raiding a storage unit on Taranis believed to belong to Ms. Stabbington, Avalon, Ltd. found a supply of tight fitting black clothing, glass cutting tools, a state-of-the-art ICE breaker, and a prototype SCD that isn’t yet available to the public.

At a press conference on 06.09.162, Justice Jericho issued the following statement, “We now believe the Samatha Stabbington, alias Geraldine Garroteer, alias Caroline Cutterberg, alias Darcy Drownsmith, is actually the criminal known as the Sable Seductress. We believe she was posing as the Black Widow of Middian in order to be taken to our maximum security holding facility, instead of directly to a center of permanent incarceration. Be warned, this means that not only is the Sable Seductress on the loose, but the Black Widow of Middian is still at large. We are once again looking at our old suspects”.

The individual believed to be the Black Widow of Middian, once briefly believed to be the Sable Seductress herself, could not be reached for comment on this statement.

FNF wishes to encourage everyone to remain safe and secure during these troubled times.