Monday, March 21, 2011


The Fringe Newsfeed previously reported widespread Imperial persecution of mutants and thuggish efforts to root out any suspected mutants in their communities.

The INN has finally "reported" on this situation, but their only official mention is the following:

Imperial forces have been put on high alert and are working to eliminate any Zigany spies within Imperial space. All travelers are now required to submit to advanced medical scanning upon arrival within Imperial Space.

It seems pretty clear that the Zigani threat is being used as an excuse for mutant persecution. Shame on you, INN editors! Tell us the truth!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


By Doctor Carlyle La’Broche, guest columnist

Shocking Experiments Revealed!

The line between mutant and cybernetic has finally broken down. It has been suspected, that the Empire has long used mutants to test their cybernetic enhancements, but now, they have crossed the line. It has been reported that 400 or more Fringers were recently taken captive. The only thing they had in common was they were mutants. Unable to defend themselves, they have been shipped off to the secret chop shops never to be seen again.

I, Doctor Carlyle La’Broche have been working with several underground Imperial sources. My previous job was to find a way for cybernetics to detect mutations. When that became an obvious failure the Empire decided to invest all its resources into what it calls “population reconfiguration.”

While I may not be advocating the use of some sort of “mindless cybernetic drone” I will say, that one of the key aspects of the cybernetics the Empire was looking for, was a “cerebral null switch.” This would ensure that, from a safe distance, any cybernetics could be deactivated as well as paralyzing the subject.

There was also, in development, micro plastic cells that would actually explode with an effective kill range or 25 feet. This would obviously eliminate the subject as well, but could do significant collateral

The process behind this, is to take the bio-chemistry inherent in every mutant and utilize it to the up-tenth degree. There by increasing the abilities of a cyborg by a factor of at least 10. At this point, no one has been able to identify why these mutations actually take place, nor can anything biologically be determined to segregate mutants from non-mutants. It has been proven (by 3 independent research studies) that mutations are not strictly a “genetic” disease. There are plenty of parents who, with no mutations in their biological past, have children who present mutations. Also, parents who are mutant do not show any exceptional chance of their own offspring from developing mutations. Even the royal family has been shown to be susceptible to bearing mutant offspring. The current working hypothesis is that mutations are either:

+ 3% variance from readers polled

It should be noted, that the vast majority of mutations result in death. While the Empire may be working hard to establish safe procedures for dealing with the growing crisis, novice attempts should be reported immediately. A reward has been offered for any confirmed reports on black market activities in regards to mutational transplants and/or the incorporation of cybernetics with mutations.

The Empire has itself refused to confirm the various facilities in which their own experiments are taking place. Whether this is kept confidential to preserve the safety of the research personal or the privacy of the mutants is unclear. The Empire has made no attempt to hide their hunt for mutants.

Confidential informants have reported, “…It is only a matter of time before such mutated-cyborgs are combat ready!” This would also serve the purpose of either eradicating or at the very least controlling the rampant growth of mutants in the Empire. Some estimates, based on extensive medical surveys place conservative estimates at 32% of the human population in Imperial controlled space.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


By TalkFast

Peaceful Ambassadors, or a Move to Infiltratre Fringe Space?

Zigani ambassadors have been seen exiting the Gates on Fringe worlds bearing white flags of parlay. They speak cheerfully and politely to locals and when asked about Gymir said it had been "peacefully accepted into the glorious Ahramni Empire!"

Needless to say, not all Fringe worlds have welcomed these visitors.

Their previous Zygani attack on Tokpela shocked Fringer and Imperial alike (see previous FNF article “Alien Abduction”) and there has been no news from Ahramni-occupied Gymir at all and attempts to reach the cold planet via webway have met with failure. The only thing that webguides have reported back is that there is still a functioning Gate at the end of the path, it simply won't open.

An eyewitness in the Taranis capital said that the “ambassadors” fled with Rama's voice booming "AND STAY OUT!!!" after them. On the jungle planet Erlik they had a curt discussion with Warlord Gunn Verdan, before being escorted back to the gate by armed Aeshma. The Zygani representatives who traveled to Naraka spent a week meeting with various heads of corporations, but no word yet on how those discussions progressed.

On the Fringe planets Vaitarani, Vrita and Vajra the Zygani were allowed to visit townships within a day’s travel of the Gates and speak with various functionaries. Opinions of them on those worlds seem to be altering as the Imperium renews its venom against mutants and the various Tribe worlds begin to arm. (see previous FNF article “Imperial Crackdown”)

The Zigani diplomats have all offered the same thing: protection, inclusion in the Ahramni Empire, technology designed for mutants, a culture that accepts and glorifies advanced mutation and safety from other invading forces. As one of our sources commented: “All at the small small price of freedom.”


By TalkFast and Freelance Sources

Mutants and Suspected Mutants Flee

Refugees fleeing Imperial worlds first came as a trickle, then a stream and lately a great deluge through Fringer webgates with wild stories of assassination squads, door to door searches and even DNA scans in children's classes. Sorting through the panicked stories is difficult, but so far most of the fleeing Imperials appear to be coming from Akier. All mutants amongst the Imperials are encouraged to flee to a safe haven in Fringe space if possible.

One traveler arriving from Tiaowa was interviewed by FNF, but asked to remain anonymous. She said that she personally witnessed door to door sweeps and increased security around the gate. She added, "I was one of the lucky ones to get out before being found out. There are so many others that will not make it out. My heart breaks for them."

King Rama of Taranis issued a formal statement to all Imperial mutants:
"The Imperials have declared all mutants within their borders are allied to the Zigany and must be eliminated. To all our Imperial kin, Taranis is a safe haven for you and our doors will always be open, do not be afraid to come here for if you stay within Imperial space you only to face certain death. We will find shelter for you and your loved ones."

There is no official word yet on how Rama plans to feed and house the refugees.

Renowned Taranis psychic and metaphysician Dr. Aaron Preston has predicted that the refugees will have among them "a person of great importance who will one day save Taranis." He did not elaborate on this statement and his office has not returned our calls before this article went out. Other sources have claimed that Empress Gheverie of the Imperium of Man is among the refugees (see FNF article "Empress Fakes Her Death?") and that she herself is secretly a mutant, but those outlandish claims have not been backed up with any evidence.

There are rumors that various undercover squads of Fringers have made it onto Imperial worlds to help smuggle out threatened mutants. The FNF has been unable to confirm the existence of such groups.

FNF UPDATE, 3/21/11
INN's only official mention of this is the following:
Imperial forces have been put on high alert and are working to eliminate any Zigany spies within Imperial space. All travelers are now required to submit to advanced medical scanning upon arrival within Imperial Space.
It seems pretty clear that the Zigani threat is being used as an excuse for mutant persecution. Shame on you, INN editors!