Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Latest from all sources

By FNF Staff


The Empress, and House Cormac on Akeir, still control the Grand Army of the Imperium. The war with the Emperor of House Vinro on Ottar seems to be over, all troops have been pulled back to Ottar for unspecified reasons. Combat continues with the Grand Army of the Imperium and Duke Huron on Taiowa, who leads House Weilok on Spentha, and House Fi'Grim on Kala. House Eioph on Tokpela, and House Kree on Atira, remain neutral, and call for unity.

AKEIR: A statement has been issued from Akeir speaker Delana Cormac. "Our glorious army continues to gain ground on the Huron Heresy. New advances have broken the stalemate near Kala. Soon, the heretics will taste our righteous fury, and we can calm this galactic storm. Glory to the Empress, and Honor to the Faithful. So sayeth Grand Regent Liam Cormac Al'Eld."


MIDDIAN: The survivors of Asha have been gathering on Vohu and Middian. Recently a pilgrimage to the Warp was undertaken by the Enlightened and they emerged with a new Leng, as is traditional in the Dahhak-Sundrav religion. The Leng has departed for Vohu to unite and give guidance to the remaining Dahhak, whose numbers are estimated to be near 3 million, a drastic drop from their previous numbers of 3 billion on Asha and throughout the galaxy.

VOHU: The ceasefire on Vohu seems to be holding. Observers report that relations and trade are normalizing. There is still a tension in the air, as if something is still unresolved. Once the situation is confirmed to be more stable, more reporters will feel safe enough to begin reporting again from Haven. It is reputed that the Leng himself has just arrived on Vohu.

KERET: There are reports that the Aeshma are exploring nodes beyond Trita. Their space is heavily patrolled, and reporters are being actively harassed.

ASHA: Webguides report that no connections with Asha remain in the webways.

VAIRYA: Kshathrans and Nasu are engaged in the Ways against Thinking Machines. All travel to Vairya unrelated to the conflict in the immeidate area has been shut down by armed patrol. It is reputed that they have been joined by Dahhak forces, although there is a great deal of strain between the Kshathrans and Dahhak forces who are primarily serving as psionic back up forces behind the Kshathrans front walls.

LETHE: Political upheaval on Lethe. The Enlightened Dreamers have reportedly issued a statement. "The ancient enemies of all life have returned. The Robots, under the leader of their King XII, are even now attempting to destroy all that is green and good in the galaxy. We must stand together, and stand with the other races, to confront our Nemesis. We urge our young leaders to join with the Free Peoples Defense Force, and their human allies." Mixed reactions among the political parties, as the Great Elders have splintered along Clan lines. The Vines support the statement entirely, but the Weeds and Spores are refusing to agree with the Vines.

NEITH: The Nasu are issuing public statements in support of the Free Peoples Defense Force. "A great devastation spreads across the galaxy. A blight on the surface of the great ocean of life. We urge others to join the Free Peoples Defense Force, as we have. To work together to cleanse these wounds which threaten to become infected, and to Doom us all." Nasu are reported... (sic.)

TRITA: Connections can still be made to Trita. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story.


TARANIS: Rama goes to war. Declaring himself the "defender of the Fringe", Rama has launched counter-attacks against the force that seems to have invaded Erlik, and is threatening Naraka. His army of the fringe, proudly displaying the banner of the red fist, marches into the webways. Rumors of mass conscription are being suppressed, but this reporter has heard it from too many people to discount it. Men and women between 16 and 50 are definitely being rounded up in great numbers. This reporter went into a village and found only children and elders. I started asking questions, but no one was willing to make statement.

NARAKA: Connections can still be made to Naraka. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story. Most of the population of Naraka has been relocated throughout the galaxy. They all report that they have fled a Robot invasion. Chair of the Board of Naraka, Nadia Solarii, is reported to be organizing many of the refugees of Naraka. It is said that she has a great plan, and is awaiting the proper time to make it known. Most of the refugees have remained organized, and the worlds that they now inhabit report being pleased with their organization and industry.

VRITRA: There have been reports of fighting near the Vritra gate, in the web ways. Some say marauders, some say robots. All that can be known for certain is that web travel in the area has become very dangerous. Numerous convoys have gone missing recently. Perhaps two thirds of those traveling through Vritra space are arriving safely. Those that travel safely do not report anything unusual, except for an upsurge in the numbers of chills reported seen. Attacks by chills have gone up 300% since the same time a year ago.

VAJRA: Communications with Vajra have still not been fully restored. The Kagome corporation has blamed sabotage, originating on Taranis. They have stopped short of putting any blame on Rama's government, but they have not stated who on Taranis would be capable of such a feat. Vajra has announced through other channels that they are a safe haven in these times of conflict. The first underwater city has been completed ahead of schedule. Construction had begun well before the official announcement, and refugees with trades are welcome.

ERLIK: Connections can still be made to Erlik. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story.

VAITARANI: New leadership on Vaitarani. Noted exective Odg Slitney has united the squabbling factions on Vaitarani. The latest board meeting resulted in planetary stock markets going up by almost 300 points. Mr. Slitney has a rather sketchy background, but his recent works have been legitimate, and have benefited many in the fringe. Vaitarani looks to have a more stable future. Mr. Slitney has promised a program of good works, and a broad-based improvement in jobs and social welfare. In his words, "All this running around the galaxy will not make a stronger Vaitarani. Only the solid investment of profitable investment will bring Vaitarani into the modern age. This wave of war will not affect us, and it's time that people enjoyed some stability." It is rumored that his wife, heir to a powerful family, is the real secret to his success. Now Vaitarani is his to rebuild, or allow to lapse into anarchy. Time will tell.


OGUN:Tulkus Giam Noala and Cian Mae have announced they will be visiting Eclipse to check up in person on the research station founded near Gate Town to study the unique Way system surrounding the planet. Sizable advances in Web Way Theory and theoretical travel have been made recently on planet, mostly due to the innovative research of Bhu'Tan Tenjin of Ushas.