Monday, November 21, 2011


Win Fabulous Prize(s)!
By TalkFast

Recently a set of fourteen mysterious cards were found on Eclipse. The "Suit of Journalism" was previously thought to be only a legend, but now it seems to have surfaced and fallen into the hands of some of our own readers!

(FNF recently received an anonymous transmission of card images, displayed below)

To commemorate this startling event, the Fringe Newsfeed is proud to announce our "Show Us Your Cards" competition.

To enter, send us a photo of yourself with one of our cards, or (if you don't have one) with your own interpretation of what the cards might look like. Photos may be sent alone, or with accompanying text explaining how acquiring this card has changed/improved/ruined your life (or with any other subject so long as the card is mentioned.)

Entries will be posted to the site, and judged by our carefully selected panel of professional journalists and amateur journalists. The lucky contributor of the best entry will be selected to receive a full PR campaign from the FNF, including a feature article about your life, and many other VALUABLE PRIZES.*

No limit on the number of entries per person, or on the number of entries per card. Employees of the FNF are not eligable to enter unless they use a pseudonym with which we are unfamiliar. Some restrictions may apply. Offer not valid in Zigani space.
*"Valuable Prizes" pending Corporate Sponsorship.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Webways: Latest Victim of Civilization?

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

Are the Webways the next victim of rapid population growth? In a galaxy where entire city-planets lay in waste and ruin, the Webways have always been thought of as the streets that never need cleaning. While they weren't a place of safety, necessarily, you could be certain that you wouldn't have to find an injury lawyer to handle your attempted vehicular manslaughter case or have to pick up trash along the route. In the last year, that perception has been shattered, in the worst ways possible. Several months ago, a reporter with the FNF first reported on the so-called "Death Train" that smashed into the Gate of Taranis, all but decimating the entry way to the Web, and leaving people without a sense of safety, as rumors of a heavy weapons payload on the train continues to circulate. While safety itself is an ellusive concept on Taranis, this episode tossed the entire population into turmoil, with several rallies asking Rama to "Secure the Ways to the Future", and vigilante groups patrolling the area to...look for stray trains...we guess. To make matters worse, the presence of Imperial soldiers caused even further political disquiet, as the sheen of the anti-Empire statements were called into question yet again.

If the threat of giant trains of death weren't enough, now travelers must contend with stray trash in the ways as well! Reports coming in from across the galaxy have people discovering old pieces of paper, strange weaponry and even bizarre playing cards. FNF has managed to find one of these bizarre cards, in the hope of getting to the bottom of this galactic trash scandal. Current theories by experts place the cards as an elaborate marketing scheme by the underground Fringe-Rock group Ways to Her Heart, and the group is not disputing the claims, though they are not confirming reports, either. Ways to Her Heart are currently touring with Tractus Lupus, with a week of upcoming shows on Naraka before departing to Meurlain space.

This is the bizarre card found in the Ways, part of the rash of pollution ongoing in the Web. If you have any information on polluted state of the Ways, please contact FNF as soon as possible.