Thursday, July 7, 2011


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By TalkFast

FRINGE AND TRIBE SPACE: Despite massive panic Sorrow's threats appeared to have been empty. No worlds have reported bombs or explosions. The inhabitants of Eclipse released a transmission burst claiming responsibility for the defeat of Sorrow, however no other proof has been offered for the dissolution of the terrorist organization Sons of Sorrow.

VAIRYA - The business world was shaken this week by the news of the unexpected death of G'Kili Na'Lon Keresik, who passed quietly on her private estate on Haven this weekend. Cause of death is being attributed to heart failure. G'Kili (known as G.N. to her associates) was the Chief Intelligence Officer of Keresik Armouries, as well as being on their Board of Directors. She was also one of the candidates being considered to replace her nephew J'Toth Keresik on the High Council of Elders, after his disappearance. It has not been announced who will be taking her place on the Keresik Board. Also, no word on the location of the fugitive Councilmember Keresik, although gossip blogs point to his location on Middian.

VAITARANI - Expolsions rocked a deserted Keresik Armories factory this past weekend, utterly destroying the abandoned plant. The local corporations on Vaitarani have not claimed any damage to personnel or property.

TRITA - Negotiations are on hold as diplomats return from Middian and have secluded themselves in chambers to discuss new developments with their teams. The Dahhak made surprising concessions to the Nasu and agreed for a cease fire on Asha to allow both sides to seek more peaceful solutions to their arguments. Asu Dagir, head of the Nasu diplomat team has brought forth the nessecity of amendments to the Treaty of Tantive in light of the Ahramni threat, tentative negotiations are currently underway.