Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry


Life on the Fringe can be rough, especially during these tumultuous times. That is why you should always be prepared with quality gear from the Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry! Whether it's hunting, sportsmanship, home defense, or even a "Casual Weapon" Friday at work, Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry has the finest weapons and accessories available on the Fringe! Our catalogue includes sporting weapons, militia-quality arms, a wide variety of hunt worthy guns, and all the accessories YOU CRAVE for your pursuits! We are on the cutting edge of Fringe weapon designs, as well as a number of models inspired by our Imperial counterparts, all in a wide variety of bright colors, BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT!

Why Are Our Weapons So Good? Because YOU, the CONSUMER deserve only the finest arms and armaments available! That is why we are proud to introduce our latest models using our patented UHR (Universal HEL Round)(TM) Ammunition System! This system, FRESH FROM OUR WORKSHOP TO YOUR HANDS, allows any style of HEL round produced today to work with your weapon, regardless of purpose: Tracer, Imperial StreamLine, and Tagger calibers all load and fire smoothly! Never worry about finding the "right" ammunition again!

Universal HEL Round(TM) System Models

Introducing our new TOP OF THE LINE: The RAC-20 "HiveShot". Incorporating the latest in Auto Charging technology, this rifle can unload up to 20 rounds in as many seconds with just one pull of the trigger. No manual cocking necessary, thanks to the AutoCharge(TM) capacitor, and with the UHR (TM) system, reloading is a snap! Best suited for home defense or sporting uses, and devestating at short range. You'll be the envy of all your friends!

One of our finer models, the PMC-10 "Bulldog". Rugged, reliable, compact, and outfitted with our UHR(TM) system, this workhorse of a pistol packs a punch! Available in Blue, Black, Red, Neon Green, and Yellow!

For the Sporting Enthusist, we have the PMC-1 "DragonFly". A precision pistol, this model is perfect for target shooting and hunting small game. Reliable in the extreme, this single shot model fits into your hand like it was made for it, and so much power in such a small package! Available in Yellow, Blue, Black, Gunmetal, and White. Two Round carry clip standard. Optional Four Round carry clip available by request.

Other Models

Our Best Seller! The PMCC-6 "FullBore" pistol is our finest multi-purpose firearm. Utilizing the Imperial StreamLine round with clip system, this durable pistol is suited for any task you can think of with a compact design, six round capacity and good aesthetics. Available in Yellow, Orange, Black, and White. Accessories available include: LiteSight scope, detachable recoil-absorbing stock with clip storage, and matching silencer.

The Finest Hunting Rifle on the market today! The RMCC-6 "FarShot" rifle is everything a hunter could ask for, using the Imperial StreamLine round with clip system for flexibility, but with a style and elegence not found in other rifles in this category. Accesories available include: LiteSight scope, recoil-absorbing stock, and precision rifled barrel. Available in Blue, Yellow, Black, or with a Custom Finish.

From our "Antique Replicas" line comes the PMCR-6 "Six Shooter" revolver. Based on authentic antique Imperial schematics, the Six Shooter provides a quality shooting experience and a little piece of history, along with the Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry's legendary quality and packs a whallop! Balanced for precision and control, with hair trigger upgrade you'll feel like a Gunsel! Available in Blue, Yellow, Orange or with a Custom Finish.

Accessories and Customizations

Naraka Energy Rifle Foundy's skilled engineers are standing by, waiting to upgrade your purchase (or refit an existing weapon) with our LATEST technology! Need more precision? Add a hair trigger! Law enforcement professionals will be SURE to want STUN capability for their orders (discounts available for bulk purchases)! Recoil-Absorbing stocks will help the sportsperson maintain accuracy without sacrificing speed, and all manner of magazines and drums at prices so low you'll think we've gone crazy...


Remember, if it's not Naraka Energy Rifle Foundry, IT'S NOTHING!

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In fact, TalkFast would like it to be known, for the record, that "Calling the Maverick an Antique is bullsh*t. The Maverick is a damned fine gun!"

Monday, March 5, 2012


By TalkFast

In the streets of Taranis they know him, but speak only in whispers. Many refuse to use his real name, referring only to “Mister X.”

“X doesn’t like it when people talk about him.”
“Mr. X will find you”
“Explosions tend to happen, things tend to burn, when Mister X is unhappy.”

Mister X has a nasty reputation and prefers to work unseen, but the Fringe Newsfeed is ready to shine a light into his web of crime, and our readers will be the first to learn the TRUTH about Xaphran Israphil.


The name Xaphran Israphil first came to this reporter’s attention over a year ago, when investigating a case of corporate worker abuse. Rumors of mistreatment in a factory revealed an even more shocking tale: Anonymous sources tell of being transported, under false pretenses, to “some gods-forgotten rock of a factory world.” Some workers had been told they were being given jobs, others that this work would pay their debts, or some may have simply been kidnapped outright.

Once the workers were there, they were effectively imprisoned, with no means of transportation, harsh conditions, and their “pay” constantly overrun by a series absurd fees.
“Needless to say, things got added to the bill pretty fast - training fees, damaged equipment, food and board, etc - and our wages were so low we couldn't keep abreast of our debt, much less work it off.”

As if this were not enough, the factory masters, who controlled everything including the food exposed workers to addictive drugs, further assuring that they would not escape their enslavement.

This story was not unusual. Other cases of worker abduction, mistreatment, and worse have been reported, and no doubt many unfortunates are still enslaved. Those who provided source material for this article were the ones lucky enough to escape, but they will not reveal their names.


Xaphran Israphil was a small power in the old days of gang-rule on Taranis, but smart enough to see what was coming. When it started to look like Rama was on the rise, Israphil started making payment to him. As Israphil gained in power and wealth, he worked harder to keep his dealings secret, his name hidden. There are no known photos of him available.

Israphil was known mainly for arms dealing, but over the years dabbled in a variety of questionable schemes and was known as “a guy who could get things, Drugs, Guns, Slaves (human and tribes)”. There are also reports of Imperial connections and ties to Johnny Volt.

Time after time, sources reported that crossing Israphil is bad news. He goes after property and family members, and is suspected to be involved with several bombings on Taranis. One group of former “workers” who were rescued from a slave-labor factory were hunted down and told that they “owed” for the property damaged during the escape. The choice offered was to keep working for him or be murdered.

Israphil keeps his nose fairly clean on Taranis itself, and there are rumors that the stuff he does that Rama wouldn’t like is done off-world. Whether he is still closely tied to King Rama is not known.


Israphel has his fingers in a lot of pies. His name comes up in conversations about everything from Fringe black-markets to big-stakes corporate dealings. He is known to have strong ties to the Aeshma and Imperieal interests as well.

One source suggested that Gustav Svarog’s corporation, Averi, was “getting in bed with Mr X.” FNF readers will remember House Svarog’s ties to horrific brain experiments, as well as their role in the current civil war in the Empire. How Israphil plays in all of this remains to be seen.

A reliable anonymous source tells us that Israphil owns a piece of Naughty Nerys, the Haven based drink and drug manufacturer. Nerys nightclub was recently revealed to be tied to yet another slavery and drug scandal. Nerys exec Robert Pierce was arrested and subsequently escaped prison using forged documents.

A former employee of Nikolaevna Image Consultancy gave this reporter an exclusive “scoop” before going into hiding, claiming that Israphil and other conspirators had bought controlling shares in the company, perhaps hoping to gain some advantage by manipulating Imperial politics?

Another witness (anonymous of course) told a story of his own search for answers after he suffered an assault of psionic memory-wipe:
“...Whoever wiped my memory was a powerful psionicist, and all suspicions are that it was performed by somebody whose powers were "artificially boosted" (the word of the psionicists who tried to fix the damage not mine). My investigation led to a series of underground labs that were producing psionic boosting drugs with slave labor... Israphel's labs, on Taranis.”

Another of Israphil’s interests leads to the case of Dr David Lorani, whose Taranis-based Lab for Falltech Corp was destroyed in an explosion. Israphil’s agents have made no secret of their desire to find the missing scientist, and went so far as to bug his wife’s house and harass people who may know his whereabouts.


The most recent finding almost strains credulity, but this reporter was there when it happened. A deranged Yataza scientist, Doctor Surny, conceived a plot to unleash deadly bioagents on four planets, including Taranis. The forces of Gatetown, on Eclipse launched a mission that stopped the terrorists, and killed or arrested those responsible.

One of Surny’s allies, Kent Morb, carried a briefcase with documents linking the terrorists to a complex web of corporate and crime leaders. No doubt some of these businessmen and arms dealers did not know they were allied to a madman bent on genocide, but it will all come to light soon enough. Full details have not been released to the FNF for publication, but can our readers guess whose name was mentioned?