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Two-Year Study of Marauders Ongoing - Part 1: Study Overview

By TalkFast

A summary of the data so far has been made available to the Fringe Newsfeed

Data Collected on Marauders 159-161

This document includes a Study Overview and an example autopsy report.
The names of some witnesses and researchers have been redacted or replaced with pseudonyms for their safety.

It is my understanding that “Dr Silicon” has a report on the scan of a living Marauder brain pattern, which I would like to add to this report if possible.

1. Study Overview

Data included in this section hundreds of medical scans collected by myself or volunteers over the last two years, mostly on Eclipse, but other locations as well, also logistical information about behavior, attacks and movements. Witness interviews, and data from examining the bodies and possessions of slain attackers.

** Note - this project is ongoing!
UPDATE 10/161: Cross reference of bar codes and specific impants/surgeries on a number of individuals confirm that those marauders were Imperials who were sentenced to the prison planet of Absalom. The examples I can cite date their sentences to Absalom beginning between 3 and 12 years ago.

General Information

- All known Marauders are human

- Minor mutations are found in the rare individual. My data set did not contain any major mutations.

- Marauders attack without regard to their own personal pain or safety, and usually without tactics other than speed and intimidation. They lack fear, and charge into death trying only to take as many people down with them as they can.

- If not stopped Marauders will often eat the bodies of their victims. It’s unclear whether this is mere animal hunger, or if it has some ritualistic significance to them.

- No Marauder has ever been known to give any useful information, under any amount of force, drugs, or psychological conditioning.

- In addition to battle injuries, Marauders cover themselves with self-inflicted scars. Each has at least one scar in the shape of the spiral of Niddrig. A great deal of evidence points to their actions as religious frenzy.

- There are rare cases of Marauders leaving someone alive (reason is unknown) and less-rare cases of them carrying people off, presumably to be eaten later or turned into a Marauder.

- I have two specific eyewitness accounts of an abducted person returning as a Marauder, and of torture and (self) mutilation being part of the process.


- Though they seem to show little tactical coordination as individuals in small groups, there have been patterns of attack on a larger scale, such as the summer of 2010 when the capitals of most Fringe worlds (and perhaps Tribe worlds at the same time) were attacked in what seemed to be a coordinated manner, with 2-5 attacks over the course of several days.
This suggests some more intelligent person or persons directing their movements, but does not explain the motives behind the pattern.

- Station City on Eclipse, suffered particularly strong Marauder attacks. (75% of attacks reported on the planet were at Station City)

- Marauders tend to travel in groups of 5-10 (occasionally more) and attack together as a screaming mob. There have been no indications that any among such a group is a leader, but they also have not been seen to attack each other. Clearly they can tell one of their own from a normal person.

- Marauders have been known to come out of gates that were not aligned. On Eclipse they frequently appear in areas with no gate nearby. Many have argued that they can simply “rip holes” and create temporary gates at will, but I favor the theory that they are staging somewhere on Eclipse. Attempts to hire a tracker to follow their back-trail have failed (no one seems willing to take the job and I don't’ blame them!)

- More recently, a group on Eclipse stumbled across a large group of Marauders on an island. Whether this supports the “basecamp” theory or not is undetermined.


- Most Marauders examined were unidentifiable, in part because they covered themselves in scars and (it appears) actively cut away any tattoos or identifying marks.

- On comparison of dental, fingerprint, and DNA data, less than 10% were identifiable. Almost all of those were from Imperial planets, but I am unable to get any detailed information on their backgrounds because of my lack of access to Imperial records.

- Imperial sources tend to become fearful or angry when questioned on the question of identifying Marauder corpses, or comparing records of missing persons. It is clear that they have been told (or inferred) that this is a forbidden topic. Why the coverup?

- A Strong theory is that Marauders are being recruited from the Imperial prison, Absalom, but it is unproven as yet.
UPDATE 10/161: Cross reference of bar codes and specific impants/surgeries on a number of individuals confirm that those marauders were Imperials who were sentenced to the prison planet of Absalom. The examples I can cite date their sentences to Absalom beginning between 3 and 12 years ago.

Physical Condition

- Most wear a patchwork of armor (actual armor, likely stolen and found objects), much of it is surgically implanted into their flesh. The implantation was apparently done without any concern for pain, and in a normal person this state would be incapacitating, too painful to be functional, and likely cause death soon after by shock or infection.

- Marauder corpses do not contain any drugs. (scratch one early theory!)

- No disease we can currently detect, but had high levels of adrenalin and abnormal brain chemistry.

- Marauders are not, (as I would have assumed), on the verge of dying from infection or starvation. They are remarkably tough.

- They are resistant to pain, poison and disease, and seem to heal quickly
Equipment & Non-Medical Physical Evidence

- Most weapons carried by Marauders appear to be stolen, and often in poor repair.

- Equipment is often “decorated” with crude markings that mirror the scarification. Sometimes seemingly random objects are attached to armor. Sometimes blood is used to paint things.

- Marauders have been found with Cyber implants (I assume remnants of their human lives) but these appear to be mostly non-functioning. Attempts to track back specific serial numbers

- Soil Samples from Marauder boots and shoes on Eclipse mostly contained local substances, but some samples (from the “fresher” Marauders) contained soils whose chemistry did not match a known planet.

- Similarly, pollens (taken from hair, clothes, and the sinus cavity) included species that were unfamiliar.

Two-Year Study of Marauders Ongoing - Part 2: Sample Autopsy Report

By TalkFast

A summary of the data so far has been made available to the Fringe Newsfeed

Data Collected on Marauders 159-161

This document includes a Study Overview and an example autopsy report.
The names of some witnesses and researchers have been redacted or replaced with pseudonyms for their safety.

It is my understanding that “Dr Silicon” has a report on the scan of a living Marauder brain pattern, which I would like to add to this report if possible.

2. Sample Autopsy Report

This section is an example of one of a series of autopsies of Marauders slain on Eclipse in September of this year. The results in the example are typical. My thanks to the local physician and researcher who lent their time and skills to the project.


A. Identification of Decedant

Name (First/Middle/Last/Title or Suffix): Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown, approx 28 yrs age estimated
Date of Death: 9-10-161
Time of Death: 14:30 local Eclipse time, approx
Address of Residence (planet/local address): Unknown
Address of Death: Eclipse, Station 19
Gender: M
Race: Human

B. Events and Circumstances Leading to the Fatality

Manner of Death:
[ ] Natural *
[ ] Suicide
[ ] Unintentional Injury
[x] Intentional Violence
[ ] Undetermined
[ ] Pending Investigation
* If Decedant is believed to have been struck dead by a deity or super-normal entity, please attach supplemental form 157-4b

Contributing Factors (check all that apply):
[ ] Drug Use
[x] Hazardous Locale (specify) Eclipse
[ ] Neglect
[ ] Domestic Abuse
[x] Religious Frenzy
[ ] Known Illness (specify)
[x] Other (specify) Small arms fire, bludgeoning

Describe the events and circumstances leading to the fatal illness/event:
Specify any concerns of abuse, neglect, drug/alcohol involvement, or suspicious circumstances. Use this space also for any additional comments

Decedant part of a Marauder raiding party that attacked civilians at Station 19.
Decedant was killed in self-defense by [REDACTED]

C. Autopsy and Investigation Information

Status: Autopsy Completed
Performed by: Dr Pacifia , Professor Silicon

Was Toxicology Performed on the Decedant?: [x] Yes [ ] N
Results: [ ] Positive [x] Negative [ ] Unknown [ ] Pending
Substance/Level (if known): N/A

Additional Death Scene Investigation Performed by:
[x] Not conducted [ ] Fire Investigator [ ] Psi Investigator [ ] Clergy [ ] Orpheon [ ] Other

Coroner’s Notes:
Body Temperature 76deg
Standard Medical Scans performed prior to full autopsy, subject confirmed dead.

Cybernetic implant removed during autopsy. Implanted for medical purposes, not functioning at the time of death (non functional before injuries incurred)
* Please follow-up on origin and nature of all devices

Skin marked with many scars, all located to suggest self-infliction. One scar circular, in Nidrig’s pattern. (consistent with other Marauders)

No disease or organ degradation

Stomach contents include Dahak tissues and undigested Dahak finger,severed above middle knuckle. Bite patterns match teeth of decedant.

Brain chemistry “Way off” (see attached readings) consistent with other Marauder brain scans. Pattern not associated with any known pathology, other than being similar in many ways (comparable, but not identical) to those of violent sociopaths and mass murders studied in Imperial space (Fringe medical facilities generally lack the specialised equipment to measure and document these patterns.)

Adrenal gland overstimulated.

Amigdila lacks the chemicals to connect with the rest of the brain.
(In Layman’s terms: Regions of the brain that interpret the link between emotional response and rational actions are chemically deficient and non-functional. This varies, but all Marauders to some degree share this trait.)

Brain patterns and energy signature of living subject of any race, in religious frenzy, are distinctive and have similarities. He speculates similar here.)

Notes: Professor Silicon hopes that a scan of living Marauder brain (see later report) to compare will reveal more.

Likely this person has not been a Marauder for long. Ritual scars are fewer and fresher than many, and battle injuries are relatively few (other than those that caused the death). Brain chemistry change is not as advanced.

Notable in this individual: Evidence of a very minor mutation. Decedant might not have been aware of this.

Additional Note: “JQ says [REDACTED] shattered one once - suggesting it was an animated corpse, but Dr Pacificia finds no evidence to support this claim.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two-Year Study of Marauders Ongoing - Part 3: Brain Scan Data

By TalkFast & Guest Science-Editor "Dr Silicon"

A summary of the data so far has been made available to the Fringe Newsfeed

Data Collected on Marauders 159-161

This document includes a Study Overview and an example autopsy report.
The names of some witnesses and researchers have been redacted or replaced with pseudonyms for their safety.

3. Brain Scan Data

Report on the scan of a living Marauder brain pattern, collected and prepared (at some personal risk) by “Dr Silicon.”

  1. The brain showed no indication of poison, disease, drug use, or any similar abnormality.
  2. It was flooded with endorphins. These are similar to what would be found in a pit-fighter or solider while in combat. Endorphins are directly associated with pain tolerance and feelings of euphoria during extremely strenuous activity.
  3. They seem to have MUCH higher levels or endorphins, adrenilen and other similar neurotransmitters along with abnormally prolonged rates of such distrobution.
  4. Of particular interest was a marauder individual not in actual active combat, but they were in an intense situation. (attempting to get through a locked door to kill the researcher)
  5. Additional autopsies bear a slight resemblance to scans of criminal autopsies in the atrophy of orbital cortex.
  6. There was also a slight energy signature observed that was "unusual" and warrants further investigation.

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Grist Town: Your gate. Your town. Your tawdry details.

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

Is a Secret Society controlling the universe?

One of the most visible people in Gatetown is the Lotus of Middian, the precious flower of Eclipse. She single-handedly stopped the panic caused by the threats of the terrorist Sorrow from spreading throughout Morgan’s Landing, and can be seen in an “action pose” on the wall of many orphans. More than one boy or girl has been heard to say that they are going to marry this cherished flower when they grow up. In fact, she is rapidly approaching the popularity of the Mistress of Fire with the miscreant children. Is there a jealousy-driven cage match in the future? Only time will tell. However, gentle readers, a struggle between two beautiful women is not the crux of this piece.

Explorer of the Unknown Reaches, Lotus of Middian, Guardian of Morgan’s Landing, Heir to the Blade of Destiny, caretaker? The word has been whispered in the Quad-Portals and passes upon the lips of those that travel the nodes near Middian. It has always been assumed that when she said she was a caretaker, she simply meant that the well-being of Middian was her concern. When she spoke of other caretakers, most assumed she was referring to her fellow goodwill ambassadors and concerned galatic eco-citizens. The Fringe News Feed has learned otherwise.

The Combat and Reconnaissance Elite Tactical Assault- Keen Empathic Rangers, commonly known as C.A.R.E.T.A.K.E.Rs, are a group of intergalactic spies imbedded in every planet in the known universe. The C.A.R.E.T.A.K.E.Rs operate outside of any racial or government boundaries with no oversight or system of checks and balances. We here at the FNF love to extrapolate from a subset of one, so we look to that Lovely Lotus of Middian, Mistress of Maps, Daughter of the Unspoken Word, to give us insight into this hitherto unrevealed organization, and allow us a chance to assess their threat.

Insight One: C.A.R.E.T.A.K.E.Rs can be tricky to date.

What’s that being shipped by the interplanetary cargo transport? Why, it’s some emotional baggage! Not that you can blame them. If I found I had been a clone, was treated as having no soul by the Empire of Man, had to face an unspeakable evil in a sword, and am a member of a culture no one believes exists, I would probably wallow in alcohol rather than offer myself up for intergalactic policing. Then again, a hangnail makes me want to wallow in alcohol, so I am not exactly a bastion of stalwart will. A potential suitor can’t help but have some serious self-esteem issues when having first date discussions and she responds with “Oh, I am a member of a secret organization that ensures the well-being of the entire universe. What do you do?” Imagine having to go to a work party, talk about an inferiority complex. When she disappears in a pillar of flames, and you worry endlessly, she just responds with “Relax, I was just going to work.” Of course, dating a girl who can see the warp and weft of space-time is daunting. Just remember, anything you try, she HAS seen before.

Threat Level: 5, but only if you are dating her.

Insight Two: C.A.R.E.T.A.K.E.Rs are glamorous.

Stylish armor, designer sunglasses, fabulous clothes, envy-causing weaponry, coveted psionic prowess, quantum expertise, exotic love interest? Septa-check. Sure, that comes with some less desired, but no less glamorous, things like being chased by an evil council of elders, facing threats from outside of time and space, and being seen as such a valuable and cohesive resource that organizations attempt kidnapping. Let’s face it, the Glistening Lotus of the Gate is probably more glamorous than you. She’s even more glamorous than most of the inhabitants of Middian, a planet widely regarded as the bellwether of the universe. Since the first mention of the Black Widow of Middian what’s known as web-play has become common in the more fashionable Akeir night clubs. Temporary spider web tattoos, black and red hourglasses, and gossamer strands to serve as stockings or hair nets, all of these have been seen in recent months. Lotus Battle Chic stands to become the next big fashion wave. Is it any surprise?

Threat Level: 8. It stands to reason that this power can be abused to make the Empire even more ridiculous.

Insight Three: She Knows

It’s really just that simple, and frightening. It’s her job to know what’s going on in the galaxy, especially on Middian. Bomb in a town, she knows. A force from beyond reality hovering around the planet, she knows. The Middian Marauders Football Club losing a match to Blizzard Peak, she knows. The world-wide lizard cult conspiracy, she knows. What you do alone in your bunk and night, and who you are thinking of while doing it, she knows, though she really, really, really wishes she could turn that power off, despite being offered a stack of credits to spill the beans. You can’t run, you can’t hide. Her roots stretch across the planet, her stem reaches into your dreams, her leaves block any possible chance of escape, and her petals tremble as they drift in the breeze of your schemes and plans. This is the crux of it, nothing goes on without her knowledge. Deal with it.

Threat Level: 0. We here at the FNF implicitly trust the Breathtaking Lotus of the Gate with our safety and well-being. Anyone who says otherwise is a Nidregg-humping spiral-faced liar. Honest.

In summation, the Lotus of Middian is no threat to anyone, there is no such organization as the C.A.R.E.T.A.K.E.Rs and we will be sure to check our sources more closely in the future. We are accepting donations to a charity in the name of the Lotus of the Gate.

Feral or Front Man?

Hands roughly the size and shape of a wood chipper, a tendency to growl rather than speak, and a disposition cold enough to force Kshathrans back to their solid states. Canidae is the leader of a fearsome S.T.R.I.F.E. team, and a reputed mutant of some strength and tenacity, but is he also the lead singer and keytar player for Tractus Lupus? Tractus Lupus, the Fringe-Core Imperial group that once sold out the SKVW Imperial Center for a three night show, is known for its political statements as much as its driving beats and unforgettable hooks. Front man and keytar player Jackson Howl was perhaps the most famous member of the band before disappearing some thirty months previous. He told Teen Obsession VidLogs that he wanted to “Get away from the Imperial propaganda train and get out there on the Fringe, with the people who just GET it”.

Since early 159 AGW, Jackson Howl has been out of the public eye, with the INN suffering for the lack of his tawdry trysts with House nobility. Known for his love of noble women, Jackson would often form “fan clubs” for them in order to catch their attention, ultimately ending a very public affair and even more public break-up as his next “fan club” got up and running. When these stopped, it was assumed Jackson Howl had crossed the wrong elements out in the Fringe, who didn’t take too kindly to his using their lives to make a bundle. That is, until recently.

Not only are there rumors of another “fan club” dealing with a certain sexy Imperial doc, but vids of the latest S.T.R.I.F.E. league engagement have been circling the galaxy. In it appears to be none other than Jackson Howl, though obviously in disguise. Going by the name of Canidae, Jackson appears to be not only living the Fringe life, but has taken to full immersion research. Known for his stage theatrics, Howl has seemingly taken his However, he just can’t seem to leave his old life completely behind, as rumors of Canidae’s musical prowess are already circling amongst the citizens of Gate Town. Perhaps Jackson wants to prove that he succeed with his musical style in a true “Fringe-Core” environment, or perhaps he is filming a DocuVid to be released in 162 AGW. Even stranger still, perhaps this Canidae is not Jackson Howl at all, and it’s merely another in a strange series of coincidences, but that seems the most unlikely of all.

Gossip Scraps

  • The local Agent of the Tulku Council was seen with a tear in his eye during the Quad-Portal Dance-a-thon, with nary a spun web in sight. Is the Tulku/Widow romance over before his blood is drained and only a withered husk remains?
  • Only after Baron Sword-and-Wolf slipped his Lovely Librarian to Be the dagger did she consent to his hand in marriage. Imperial Marriage Customs demand that a lady gets to inspect a man’s blade.
  • Coincidence or Decadence? Mere hours after Pulpiteer returned from a mission involving dastardly corporations, he was seen indulging his sweet tooth with a certain Nog’s Grog employee. The same Nog’s Grog that is buying up portions of Broken Sun…along with a corporation known for their slave trade. Sexpionage? We’ll let you judge that.
  • Parsley Sage, a Yazatas healer, has been seen issuing orders and receiving reports from not only her fellow Yazatas, but some silicate friends as well. Is she the true power behind this pyramid of SCIENCE?
  • Displays-His-Abs was seen disappearing into his abode with one of the Sisters of Fate, claiming he needed to “check his divining rod”. He was not seen for several hours. Is there trouble between Sharkzor and Displays-His-Abs already, or are Sharkzor’s Fringer ideals rubbing off, if you get our drift.
  • Faux Fracas? Whispers that the latest S.T.R.I.F.E. contest was rigged are already being muttered. People cite the lack of focus on the offensively potent psions as an obvious ploy by the league to make a killing in the books. Some organizations on Taranis are calling for an investigation into the league by outside parties.
  • While waiting on a guide to take him to the planet of Ottar, it has been reported the Baron Glow-Gun Gambler has won a sizeable stake in the new WebCom division of SKVW. The division is looking to develop Web Way path to path communication and travel capabilities.
  • Stock in Insane Ideas, LLC plummeted after the news that Silvery Alloy lost the newly appointed Chief of Outside Opportunities on a company outing in Station City. Tortuga, a key member of the board of directors, is calling for the resignation of Silver Alloy.
  • Snickersnac has been offered a liaison position in the new Naraka administration, but has reportedly turned down the lucrative job offer so she can “focus on the man in her life”.
  • Orpheon, in an attempt to generate revenue, has declared the word SCIENCE to be a vulgar word. It is expected that ticket related revenue will quintuple in a mere week. Seeker has been retained by the people of Gate Town in order to file an injunction.
  • Kills-With-Her-Mind wins “Luckiest Woman in the Empire” contest by overwhelming majority vote, despite not being entered. The diminutive diva won Akeir Weekly’s annual clearinghouse sweepstakes entitled, “Luckiest Woman in the Empire”. The prize package includes two thousand fresh blue-backs, an in person meeting with Imperial Regent Cormac-Al’Eld, and a condo in the Vid District of Akeir . Kills-With-Her-Mind has not yet been reached for comment.
  • Downward spiral? A certain saucy sprite was heard to have a special spiral Sapphic friend visit her late one evening. Is a sexy love affair with a voluptuous aspect of Nidregg possible? Signs point to a definite maybe.

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Larkspur in Peril... When Ducks Attack!

Just another example of the dangerous creatures that await the unwary visitor to Eclipse, and a chilling reminder to NEVER wear a hat that looks like a loaf of bread.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh Yeah? Oh no! - A biographical look at Butch Thompson

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

Rumble in the Jungle. The Free-For-All Fracas in Station City. The Taranis Showdown in the Streets. Naraka’s Tunnels of Terror. Most of us have either attended a Butch Thompson S.T.R.I.F.E. event, or seen vids of the bloody good aftermath. Still, who is this man, this master of masters of ceremony, this tour de force? What is the story behind the man who plays a trumpet to announce his own arrival, jump-kicks for violence, and attempts to trademark the words “Oh Yeah!”? Little is known about Butch Thompson before his rise to fame, but we here at the Fringe News Feed have managed to uncover the past of this man of mystery.

The story of Butch Thompson begins in the mean streets of Akeir. Butch Thompson, was born to Solis Saltare, one of the premiere modern dance instructors of Akeir at the time and the owner of Astral Phenomena Studios, and Cassidy Cormac under the name Isiah Cormac. Butch’s life began much as he lives it now, loud, abrupt and the focus of much attention.

Cassidy was an up and comer in House Cormac, devoted to the church and the glory of the Empire. Described as a classic black-haired beauty, Cassidy was engaged to be married to Damien Charles Alexander Juntach, a brilliant duelist and heir-apparent to the CFO of Juntachi Steel. Their wedding day gala was to be the event of the season in Akeir, and Cassidy, a studious scholar, had been sent to the legendary Solis to prepare for the dances she would be expected to know for her reception. For almost a year, Cassidy trained with Solis, knowing she would be required to be the most skilled dancer at her reception in order to keep the reputation of House Cormac in high standing with the nobility of Akeir. After nine months of sweat and tears, the big day arrived...and so did little Butch. In the middle of her wedding ceremony, Cassidy began to go into labor. Not knowing she was pregnant, the invited physicians of House Eioph rushed to her side. Soon enough, her condition became apparent. Damien was enraged, knowing he was not the father, and grabbed his blade to duel Solis, whom he had long suspected of having relations with Cassidy. Solis, ready for an attack, was said to jump, pirouette, and kick Damien right in his face. In the resulting confusion, Solis fled.

Cassidy was kept under close guard by her House, who were rumored to be looking for Solis in order to have him executed. Solis was said to use his prowess as a dancer to stealthily infilitrate the location in which Cassidy was held, and abscond with her and their son. They fled to the Fringe world of Taranis, where the story of Butch Thompson truly begins. The family adopted the name Thompson, and opened the legendary “Mass Dive” club on High King Avenue. Solis and Cassidy, now going by the names Jazz and Bangles, ran the club for many years, and it was known as a place of dance, sport, and gambling. Butch had begun running sound and production for the family at the age of 13, and he had begun to develop a reputation as one of the most sought after DJs or MCs in Taranis. When he was 15, Butch was attacked by a local gang. using the skills he had picked up on the streets, and the moves taught to him by his father, Butch managed to hold off six of the thugs, unknown that he was being recorded by one of the onlookers. Within a month, the vid of Butch defeating his attackers, one quite brutally with a kick that lodged the attackers nose in his brain cavity, circulated Taranis. Butch found himself in more and more fights, each one more vicious and brutal than the last. Each time, a vid of the encounter found its way into circulation. The attention this received helped to keep the attendance at the club at all-time highs, everyone hoping to witness one of the Butch fights.

The Thompson family was growing prosperous, with his parents talking about retiring and leaving the club to Butch. Then, late one night, a group of local toughs struck the club and set fire to it, with his parents still inside. When Butch caught one of the thugs escaping, he managed to learn that Damien Charles Alexander Juntach was behind the attack. For years after that, Butch seemed to disappear.

There were rumors than a young man had sought out the Aeshma Matara Master Tugev, and that this same young man had defeated the dreaded Rumal Narr, a beast with two heads standing fifteen feet tall that could level a building with its shrieks. Using the spine of the Rumal Narr as his cestii, he defeated 99 Aeshma challengers in a row without rest in order to win the approval of Master Tugev and prove his worth. All it took was a single jump kick from Butch Thompson to lay the great Matara master low. It is said that the Aeshma recognize Butch as the only organism worthy of individual praise.

The stories after this time are even more fragmented. The name Butch Thompson briefly surfaced on the planet of Lethe when he became known as the greatest lover the weapon researcher Star Thistle had ever known. It was said that the inspiration Star Thistle received from the loins of Butch advanced the field of weapon technology five years in a single afternoon. The knowledge she received from his loving in the evening changed the field so much that current practitioners could only break down, cry, and curse the name of Butch Thompson for crushing their life’s work with a simple display of his intimate prowess. After laying the ladies of Lethe low, Butch was next spotted on the planet of Vairya.

Butch hearing of the vaunted skills of the Atar strove to test his mettle against those fierce silicate soldiers. If the stories can be believed, a jump kick to the face of one Kshathran that had turned into a statue not only moved her, but launched her into the other two Kshathrans that Butch was brawling, knocking them down as well. The impression Butch made on these warriors was such that Kshathrans are said to refer to a particularly well made suit of armor as “Thompson Proof”. Butch received the honorary Fists of Keresaspa during his time on Vairya, and was said to defeat the Dahhak Web Way Pirates known as the Ephemral Fleet during a casual stroll one evening.

Though no one admits to being part of the destructive encounter, it is said that Butch pretended to be influenced by the powers of the Dahhak, and then grabbed his guard by his feet and wielded him as a giant club to defeat the rest of his captures. The Dahhak now refer to captives that pretend to be under their influence to be “pulling a Butch”. In fact, Dahhak can often be overheard to say “Make sure that one isn’t pulling a Butch”, when making business deals, referring to someone pretending to be less savvy than they actually are.

It was in the streets of Akeir that Butch Thompson went to meet his destiny. At a gala one evening, he had snuck into the event and challenged Damien Charles Alexander Juntach to a duel. Though he was now getting on in years, Damien accepted, still confident in his formidable skills. Butch, opting for his Fists of Keresaspa as his weapons, fought a long and protracted duel with the Junatchi swordsman. It is said that the onlookers could do naught but weep at the martial prowess on display. One woman was said to go into labor at the sight of Butch’s fighting skills, despite the fact she was not due for almost another month. If rumors can be believed, an elderly member of House Cormac suffered a heart attack during the duel, and Butch administered medicinal drugs to the man, all while continuing to do battle with Damien. It is said that both Damien and Butch were grievously wounded during the course of the battle, Damien made the mistake of disparaging the Butch’s parents, gloating about their deaths and his hand in it. It is said that Butch then shed his first and only tear since the deaths of his parents and said, “This is for Cassidy and Solis”, before kicking Damien in the head so hard that is simply exploded from the shoulders. Letting forth a shout that would become his signature, Butch shouted “OH YEAH!”

House Cormac was said to offer Butch membership within the House and Imperial Citizenship, due to their shock and horror over Damien’s actions. It was said that Butch simply gave a victory kick, stole a horn from one of the musicians at the gala, the same one he has now, supposedly, and blew it once. He left the hall then, never giving the House an answer, with his fists held high in defiance.

From here, everyone knows the story. Butch won the rights to the S.T.R.I.F.E. league in a game of strip poker against the Gymir Ski Bikini Team, received sponsorship from Nog’s Grog after an arm-wrestling contest and began his course to becoming a galaxy wide phenomenon. It is said that he still keeps a picture of his parents in his pocket at all times, and that a portion of all his proceeds go to help the orphans on the various planets he visits. Though he doesn’t fight any more, it is said that Butch is looking for an heir to take the Fists of Keresaspa from him, and gain the true Galaxy Champion of S.T.R.I.F.E. title, one that has never been claimed.

Butch Thompson is believed to be the fourth cousin thrice-removed from the Empress Gheverie. There are those who speak of Butch’s signature shout of “Oh Yeah!” being likened to the clap of thunder, and his horn emitting the fury of the storm. Is this a sign that perhaps Butch Thompson is the heir to the Imperial throne? Only time will tell. Until such time as the fate of Man rests on his shoulders, he will be there, bringing you the best in pitfighting entertainment. Of course, if asked about any of his past, he is sure to deny it, as the FNF had to do some deep digging in order to get the scant information we found. Humble as always, Butch is sure to downplay his past greatness, and focus on his current endeavors. Still, as long as he keeps bringing us quality entertainment, who are we to deny the great Butch Thompson? See you in the vids, Butch!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


By TalkFast

A review of the dramatic recent events involving the planet Gymir over the last year, summarized here by the Fringe Newsfeed: The Most Reliable News Source in the Galaxy.

Gymir is a dark and cold planet made up of vast glaciers and frozen seas. The Fringer community there was a hardy group well prepared for the dangers of mining and survival in that harsh terrain, but nothing could have prepared them for the horrors of alien invasion.

August 2009
As the five-year yeti migration on Gymir began, travelers from offworld as well as seasoned veteran hunters came to buy hunting liscences for what they hoped would be a season of extraordinary adventure. The Fringe Newsfeed (sadly, not widely syndicated at the time) ran an interview with a man who saw something different in the yeti travel patterns: renowned Taranis psychic and metaphysician Dr. Aaron Preston

Preston, who had visited Gymir to assist in an excorcism, reported that he felt a strange psychic energy from the fearsome creatures, even from the safety of a Gymir guest bunker.

*** Dr Aaron Preston - Yeti whisperer?
“The Yeti should not be hunted,” Preston wrote in his statement to FNF, “While on Gymir I saw footage of the hunts, but also maps tracking their migration patterns, and this migration is completly unique. There is a pattern in their trek that suggests something disturbs them. Not many people know this, but yeti are very psychically sensitive to changes in the cosmos, in fate, and the greater mysteries. Perhaps without even knowing it themselves, they are warning us that something terrible is coming.”

Preston went on to suggest that a group of scientists and psychics be assembled to study yeti movements and perhaps even try to communicate with these “noble creatures,” but he was largely ignored, and one of his students who ventured out to attempt to learn more was reportedly eaten.

Nov 2010
All communications with Gymir were mysteriously severed, the planetary Gate locked, and web travelers unable to reach the planet. Silence.

January 2011
After over two months of grim silence, communication to Gymir was re-established, but with a chilling revalation. The Zigani, slaves of the alien Ahramnhi Empire, had invaded the planet and brutally conquered the populace.

Invasions on other worlds only served to further demonstrate the aliens' brutal intentions.

March 2011
The gate to Gymir remained locked, but a small force of Imperial agents who had been on-planet during the invasion somehow managed to get off planet, many of them almost losing their lives in the daring escape. They reported horrifying tales of the mistreatment of the people of Gymir at the hands of the invaders.

Imperial Regent Liam Cormac Al’Eld called for unity against this new foe, which he rightly viewed as a threat to the Imperium as well as Fringe worlds.

May 2011
The Gymir Gate reportedly opened for the first time in months. No Fringer webguides were able to get close to them successfully in the webways, but chance encounters at Nodes revealed an uncountable invasion force moving through the Ways. The Zygnay took several smaller outposts near Gymir with little resistance, complicating any military action to retake the planet from the invaders. It was apparent that the invaders considered Gymir a strategic stronghold and were using it as a base in this galaxy for further military pursuits.

Soon after the gate was reported opened, Hank Jones, broadcasting from inside enemy territory sent a desperate warning. The Invaders had sent a battle train from the Gymir gate, loaded with explosives, speeding toward impact with the Taranis gate. This was the invaders’ cowardly and treacherous response to their failed attempt to invade Taranis by conventional means.

Disaster was averted when a brave group of combined Fringe and Imperial forces intercepted with the Forlorn Home. The two trains engaged in combat and the Forlorn Hope achieved victory in the last hop before Taranis.

Sept 2011
Now, the final tragedy of Gymir is revealed as the planet is found barren and abandoned, settlements razed. Were the people of Gymir all slain, or, as in other worlds, were their youngest and most vulnerable carried away into Zygani enslavement? As yet, the cold tomb of Gymir has offered no answers.


By TalkFast

Fringer Community Razed by Zigani Invaders!

The Gate to Gymir has suddenly re-appeared on astrogation readings. The few bold souls who have gone through have reported that there is little sign of civilization. The buildings have been disassembled, and their foundations filled with ice. There is no sign that anyone still lives on Gymir. Vast empty pits are all that remain of the mines nearest to the gate. Explorers have been dispatched, but it could take weeks for word on outlying villages. The Gate on Gymir is in the middle of a seven week blizzard.

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