Friday, October 28, 2011

Scandalous Vid Poster Released!

By TalkLoud, FNF staff gossip columnist

The Fringe Newsfeed has obtained a special pre-release copy of the new promotional vid from XXX producer Hugo Johnson. In an exclusive interview, Johnson told FNF that "While names had to be changed for legal reasons, this is absolutely a true story, just as with the previous Dirty Doctors entries, Bootycamp and Siliconquest. We take great pride in our authenticity. Our audience demands nothing less".

Imperial, Fringe, Tribe and Meurlain PR firms have been reported to already attempting to contact the real life analog of these Adult Actors.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Latest from all sources

By FNF Staff

IMPERIAL SPACE - The Imperials continue their civil war. The grand army of the Imperium is steadily capturing strongpoints from mutant-friendly house Huron and its allies. It seems like they are unstoppable as they move to invade Taiowa, home of house Huron.

OTTAR - The tech-industry planet of Ottar has sent ambassadors to major fringe and tribes worlds to promote their claimed heir to the imperial throne. Taranis, Naraka, Erlik, Vairya, Asha, Neith, and Lethe have all received ambassadors. All are reported to bear similar messages:
"You are not our enemy. The emperor on Ottar is interested in sending a message of peace to the rest of the galaxy. He does not expect, or want, the tribes or fringe worlds to become involved in internal Imperial conflicts. But he intends to bring about a new galactic peace once he gains control of the Imperium. The galaxy does not need to be divided now, when prophecy seems to indicate that the robots may be returning within the decade. The galaxy must stand united. Victory should mean a new golden age, not a continuation of the hate and distrust that has done so much to degrade all sentient life."


NARAKA- Last minute upset, as Nadia Solarii becomes Chair of the Board of Naraka. While considered a contender, her chances of overthrowing Orpheon were viewed as low. She drew many voters because of her fresh ideas about business, and her popularity was boosted by the celebrity of her daughter Tamin, of pit fighting and adventure-blog fame.
This reporter also wonders whether previous FNF coverage of this election helped the voters avoid a much worse choice.

Also in Naraka news, a church has been started to the Imperial god Ehieh. Most seem to accept the new church, as long as they don't try to tell the Fringers who they should worship and how. Their founding pastor had these words. "Now is the time for all men to unite against the darkness. Be they Human, Mutant, Cyborg, or Meurlain. May the Enemy flee at the sight of our collective light."

VAJRA - The Gate has re-emerged from the storms and trade has resumed as normal. Neith and Kagome Shipping have renewed discussion for architects to design underwater cities capable of sustaining human life.
See also: Nautical Oddity or Cursed Seas and Doomed Ships...

ERLIK - President and former freedom-fighter Gunn is rumored to be leaving the planet to attend a trade delegation, but the location is unconfirmed.

GYMIR - Search Parties have returned to the Gate. Of the eight major teams which searched Gymir, seven have returned to the Gate. They report a few scattered survivors. Most of the survivors have returned with the searchers, although some few still live out on the ice. This once important world stands almost entirely abandoned. Some speak of returning one day. With new technology, and new finds to exploit. Some few hundred are expected to remain and rebuild a gate village. But for now, it looks like their only real export is ice.
See also: Tragedy on Gymir and Gmir Access Re-Opens to read the shocking account of Zigani treachery!

TARANIS - King Rama reports that Imperial refugees have successfully been settled across the planet.
Noted business man Cyan Lucas was found dead this afternoon, his many business ventures were left to his fellow council members in his will.

VAITARANI - The economy of Vaitarani has taken a serious hit as one of the warehousing districts that employed a significant portion of the inhabitants of the gate city was recently destroyed. This district employed weapon smiths, bio-engineering research, and complex computer programming. The loss of these high paying jobs has left many skilled Fringers looking for work.

VRITRA - Freak rainshowers dumped hundreds of tons of water on parched soil. Locals have been quoted saying it is the end of the world.

TRIBES SPACE - The Tribes economy is still improving. Trade has been flourishing. The Midir and Nasu seem to have benefited the most from the increased trade, but the other Tribes are doing quite well. Lowered tariff rates have received much of the credit, especially on a number of goods that had previously not been marketable on a galactic scale.

HAVEN -The political situation on Haven, or Vohu, is deteriorating rapidly. There are a hundred factions, and no one can agree on how to share power. Fighting is breaking out, and some predict that it will go the way of Pre-Rama Taranis. Many corporations are either fleeing, or digging in. It seems a contradiction that as the hope of peace fades, the economy flourishes. But a huge surge in construction is employing huge numbers, and everyone seems to be hiring. What you might have to do for that paycheck remains to be seen.

VAIRYA - Another great event for the Jemshid Games. The last few years have seen demand rise for footage of the Jemshid Games. Slick marketing and more entertaining formats are drawing more people to attend, and better vid sales. What a fine display of Kshathran might, speed, agility, endurance, and will.

TRITA - The Midir Bank announced today that it has completed its 12 year goal, in ten years. They have Banks on every major planet across the Fringe and Tribes space, except for Gymir. They are even in talks to open branches on Tokpela and Atira, although this still seems unlikely.

KERET- Despite good relations with the Dahhak, the ruling body of the Aeshma are holding out committing any more mercenaries to the civil war on Asha. Exactly where they expect to use those companies is unknown. Entire clans, or Jaati, of Aeshma already occupy many significant places on Asha.

ASHA - Civil war erupts again on Asha. Violent fighting has broken out across the planet, and on many Dahhak colonies. The Abolitionists made a raid on the main slave pens in the gate city to free recently caught slaves, but were apprehended by Power and Labor. Strike teams to retrieve them have so far been unsuccessful.

Also, noted mining company on Asha's moon goes out of business, Sellik inc. was a family owned business that thrived at extracting minerals. Seven generations worked mines for iron, copper, and silver. What they really excelled at was at finding the rare and valuable minerals among the tons of ore. But a growing reputation for unreliable parts, and broken promises, caused their business to plummet.

LETHE - Yazataform Inc. reports a significant advance in planet shaping technology. They plan to announce the nature of their discovery at the Tadrakan conference, the top annual meeting of the Planets brightest minds in Biotechnology and Video Game Design. The parties are expected to be phenomenal. And the announcement will be the top of the bill. In other news, Umber Tamarisk has been apprehended on Haven by Yazata agents. The notorious child murderer has been one of Lethe's most wanted for long enough.

NEITH - Due to the sudden outbreak of previously calmed hostilities in Outland Space, the Nasu are once again sending out diplomats to Haven and Asha to try and calm the fighting. The Voice made a public announcement stating: "It is the Will of the Gods that their Children abide in peace amongst each other. War only weakens our strength, when we may be challenged. We need to be so much more than we are."


OGUN - New developments in web research from the Eclipse Research Station indicate the likely hood of vacuum existing outside the Ways that could conceptually be used to direct space ships. Scientists are gathering at the University to research this concept and provide specifications for conceptual space ship design.

PATALA - Non-violent sit ins have erupted on Patala in response to the Tactics Conference hosted by Tulku Li Wei. The leaderless movement feels that the treatment of wainwrights within the Imperium is unfair to Webguides across the galaxy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Nikolaevna Image Consultancy says, “Maybe it’s YOU!”

By TalkFast

The current controversies caused by the death (or departure?) of Holy Empress Gheverie have started a buzz of rumors that the *true* heir to the Imperial Throne is still out there... somewhere.

Ambitious hopefuls from Imperial mansions to the most humble fringe colonies begin to ask themselves if there could be some secret in their own heritage, but few of these potential claimants have the know-how to present their claim. Now, a new corporation, Nikolaevna Image Consultancy, has offered its services to these potential Emperors or Empresses.

“We don’t make any judgement about the veracity of a claim, of course.” NIC founder and CEO, “Anna” Nikolaevna explained, in an exclusive FNF interview. “That is for history, destiny and Eheih to decide. What we do offer is an all-inclusive personalized package of Wardrobe and Appearance Re-Envisioning, Comportment and Composure Training, Legal and Genealogy consulting, Media Management and, of course, Personal Security.”

“Discretion and confidentiality are also very important,” Nikolaevna added, “We assign NIC coordinating agents to each client and assure that they never cross paths with any other client, unless the two have agreed in advance to schedule a conference, debate or honor duel.”

When the Fringe Newsfeed inquired about the cost of Nikolaevna Image Consultancy services, the CEO declined to discuss specifics, adding “This is a matter of solemn patriotism and devotion to our Empire, and it would be crass to talk about money in that context.”

Friday, October 7, 2011


by Tom Topptin - FNF Staff

It's that time of year again, when we can combine the anxiety of gift giving with the excitement of gift receiving, all wrapped in a veneer of sincerity and humilty. That's right, it's Holiday Season! We here at the Fringe News Feed have compiled our Top Ten Tips for making your holidays a little brighter. Without further ado...

1. The Early Bird Catches the Bargain - Rather than wait until the day before Tane's Day to rush out and get gifts for your family, why not plan to acquire them in stages over the next few weeks? Even if you are making the gifts themselves, starting earlier than you think you need to will ensure a much less stressful holiday, and you might even save a few credits in the process! You'll be the envy of all your neighbors as you sip tea on the porch on Tane's Day, while they are still frantically wrapping and setting up the traditonal holiday keg stand.

2. It's the Thought That Counts - Having trouble coming up with the perfect gift? It's time to think outside the box and give something clever. Make a donation to a local charity in their name, or write a poem and dedicate it to them. Perhaps you could volunteer to fix up something around their dwelling. The possibilities are endless if you don't confine yourself to physical gifts (and it's often easier on the pocketbook). Some may see this as weaseling out of obligations, we at the Fringe News Feed prefer to think of it as "expanding your horizons".

3. Fashion Fabulous - The holiday parties should start up fast and furious, and you don't want to be caught in last year's rags! Luckily, the "hodge-podge" look is in style right now, especially after the recent vids of Butch Thompson's latest Fracas hit the feeds. A trip through your closet (or your neighbor's closet if you're into that sort of thing) should help you throw together an outfit that's sure to shine! For those with a more upscale bent, spider themes are tre chic!

4. Travel In Style - With all the recent upheavals, many of our readers are staying closer to home. That means great deals on travel for those brave souls who won't let a little thing like Marauder attacks spoil their fun! Many freelance Web Guides are slashing prices and offering group bulk rates in these tumultuous times, so be sure to shop around. Sure, you might get devoured by an unspeakable horror, but when has that threat ever stopped anyone from seeing relatives?

5. Party Hearty - It is the holidays, so try to work in at least ONE party where you are not the person in charge. It is often a sad thing to see the budding socialite burn out by not making time to relax on their own terms, so let your hair down, pull your dancing shoes on, and take some time to blow off some someone else's shindig.

6. Make Charity Not a Rarity - In these somewhat turbulent times, your friends and neighbors may have fallen on harder times than you, be it a bad harvest, hours cut back, or family member kidnapped or pressed into service. Be sure to save a spot or two 'round your porch to invite them over for a pint or 5 and some vittles. We're all in this together (most of the time).

7. Dance with Romance - The holidays are a great time to finally make a move and try to talk to that certain special someone you've been stalking (w/o actually stalking of course, as that would be creepy). Take a shot of liquid courage and ask them to a dance or other social event. The worst they can say is no, and then the sweet, comforting arms of alcohol will be there to see you done right. So hop to it!

8. Cardio - It's binge season, and our regular readers know that you want to keep these to no more than two per week, however you'll want to make the most of your binge time, so be sure to get in some nice long workouts. Not only will this release tension and help you stay in shape, it will increase your resistance to the more unpleasent side effects of marathon indulgence!

9. Soothe The Soul - While Tane's Day is one hell of a party, it is also a time to reflect on the gods and your place in the universe with them. A period of quiet contemplation at an altar, or a service by your local religious authority might be just the remedy you need to stave off the holiday blues.

10. News You Can Use - Turn to trusted information sources to keep abreast of happenings in YOUR area! Stay tuned to the Fringe News Feed and your local feeds for the latest information on local religious services, public announcements, and celebrations throughout the galaxy!