Thursday, May 3, 2012


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By FNF Staff


The Empress, and House Cormac on Akeir, still control the Grand Army of the Imperium. They are at war with the Emperor, with House Vinro on Ottar and House Svarog on Tokpa. They are both at war with Duke Huron on Taiowa, who leads House Weilok on Spentha, and House Fi'Grim on Kala. House Eioph on Tokpela, and House Kree on Atira, remain neutral, and call for unity. House Juntach on Jord remains weakened from the purges by the Army of the Scourge, and is currently undeclared.


VOHU: A suicide bombing in a Haven neighborhood killed fourteen people this weekend, further unraveling the already tenuous ceasefire. All 23 separate factions had agreed to stand down, and the latest bombing threatens to shatter the peace. Fringe factions seem to be the most interested right now, and the Imperial factions are lessening their demands. The Tribes factions seem the most likely to break the peace.

KERET: Non-Aeshma that are not slaves are being deported from Keret. Amid increasing signs of mobilization, the Aeshma are becoming more insular than ever. Aeshma diplomatic missions to other planets are being reduced to the minimum 3. The Aehsma have been contracting webguides as fast as they can. Many of the Dahhak who remain have taken contracts with the Aeshma, their longstanding allies. The Aeshma have made no public declarations of intent, and a number of nearby governments are getting anxious.

ASHA: Webguides report that no connections with Asha remain in the webways.

VAIRYA: The Kshathrans continue arming as well. Reports indicate their outposts are being fortified, and gate defenses on several of their main worlds are being signicantly enlarged. No statement has been made on the exact nature of their defensive improvements, but the Kshathrans don't do anything small.

LETHE: Sad news today, at the death of the Grand Master of the Ancient and Honorable Society of the Pointed Hat, Dr. Coscinium Surny. A well respected scientist, Dr. Surny was on an expedition to fringe space with noted industrialist Kent Morb. Few details on the ill-fated expedition, but authorities report that there is no sign of foul play. Aide to the minister Lesarr stated today, "It was a sad day for everyone involved. Dr. Surny chose his path his whole life, and it is with great sadness we report his death on the path of science. New Promise Technology was unavailable for statements on the death of Mr. Morb. Survived by his wife and three daughters on Haven.

NEITH: Many nasu are choosing to go on religious pilgrimage these days. Entire monasteries are emptying as they travel to locations in the Fringe and Imperium. Naraka and Jord are rumored to be favorite locations, although I still don't understand why they're going. Can you tell me? In other news, a Nasu ambassador was reported to be traveling to Middian to sign some treaty, I don't know much about this defense force, but I bet it'll be one hell of a party.

TRITA: Connections can still be made to Trita. However, no one who has traveled there has returned to tell their story.

MIDDIAN: The surviving Enlightened have been called to Middian to take the Walk of the Leng. An accounting of the surviving Dahhak is still uncertain, but numbers on Vohu indicate there are at least 2 million on planet or in nearby stations. Dahhak questioned indicate that likely no statement will be made until a new Leng is chosen or the old one reveals himself.


TARANIS: The Szgany war trains were on display in freedom square, near the gate. Thousands of soliders in uniform paraded down the avenue. Armored Wasps danced in well choregraphed displays of aerial prowess. Artillery and mortars were on display. Rama seems to be investing in a lot of mechanized armor these days. A lot of it seems to be Imperial built, but modified. A display of the strength and discipline of the "Army of the Fringe".

NARAKA: Naraka is under planetary evacuation. Some say the Robots are coming. Some say the rumored MegaVolcano is getting ready to erupt. A few say that it's all the work of space aliens, but everyone else laughs at them.

VRITRA: Life returns to normal on Vritra. The residents of this desolate place spend all their time trying to squeeze a living from this barren planet. Exports continue to expand, as webway disruptions make supplies of rare minerals even more important. Increasingly, Vritra is relying on Tribes worlds for needed equipment. Supplier Commgor Don has recently released long stored supplies of industrial equipment and fine tools.

VAJRA: Communications have gone out on Vajra. Apparently, it is some kind of technical glitch. Parties are still arriving on Vajra, although fewer people seem to be leaving Vajra every month. Maybe they know something we don't, and it's some kind of safe haven from the things that are happening.

ERLIK: Contact was lost with Erlik four days ago. There were a few confused transmissions, but they are still having trouble deciphering them. Many sound like burst of hissing static. There are a thousand stories of what is happening on Erlik. None are very credible.

VAITARANI: The economy of Vaitarani continues to decline. Stories are being reported of vast over-investment in new machinery. Vaitarani corporations are now receiving an average DD credit rating. Tribes investors are getting nervous, and a run on the remaining tangible currency on Vaitarani seems inevitable.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


(Originally posted 3/5/2012)

The contents of the FNF Investigative Report published today about the activites of Xaphran Israphel (with the exception of the recent findings on terrorist ties) were sent to the Rama government last fall with the explanation that, as a courtesy, we would refrain from publishing until Rama had a chance to review the findings and make an official statement or decision. Rama’s “Law and Order” policies suggest that this sort of thing should not be tolerated in the new Taranis, and with so much evidence, something might be done to protect witnesses and arrest those responsible.

Maybe the information did not make it to your hands.
Maybe you need to launch an investigation of your own.
Maybe you are waiting for the right moment

The Fringe Newsfeed would be delighted to publish an official statement.